The history of Albion is filled with legendary heroes and fearsome creatures, fierce battles and hard-won peace, intrepid exploration and reckless sacrifice.

It is shaped by factions old and new, who have made the world what it is today: a new land, ready to be rediscovered and conquered by settlers from the Old World (that's you!).

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2000 Years ago

Albion is a wild place where humans struggle to survive. They live in simple tribes, scavenging a living while trying to avoid bigger predators - the dire beasts, giants, and worst of all, the destructive and tyrannical dragons.

1800 Years ago

Albion is ruled by fearsome dragons. In the shadow of these tyrannical creatures, the first humans begin to attune themselves to the magic of the land, becoming druids. They make an accord with the giants of Albion, enabling the various tribes of humanity to flourish. The greatest of the giants come together with the first druids to work a great magic, forcing the dragons to sleep. The ravaged land soon recovers, and the humans and giants together guard the dragons' resting places, naming themselves Albion’s Keepers.

1600 Years ago

A druid rises who is unlike the others. Some say he has gained secret knowledge by eavesdropping on the dragons' dreams, others that he has talked to other creatures, deep in the bowels of the earth. His name is Merlyn and he has a dream of uniting the tribes. His message is simple: One day the dragons will wake, and on that day, the world must be ready. Never again can Albion be allowed to fall under the dragons' rule.

1500 Years ago

Though the druids do not approve of Merlyn, they do not oppose him either and he is able to start uniting the tribes under one leader. He approaches the witch Morgana for help and she crafts the mighty Excalibur, a weapon so powerful that it will make whoever wields it into Albion’s king. It is the first time that metal is mined and forged in Albion. Excalibur is the first sword, born of steel and magic. Unknown to Merlyn, the secrets of its making are given to Morgana by demons who whisper to her from across the void.

Together Merlyn and Morgana begin to recruit from the lesser tribes, gifting them metal armor and powerful magic weapons. The first knights are created. The greatest of them is given Excalibur and named king. They quickly establish themselves as a new power in Albion, ruling from the castle of Camelot.

1300 Years ago

For many years, the kings of Albion rule wisely and well. Merlyn and Morgana guide them, establishing codes of honor and chivalry. It is an age of great prosperity.

And then: disaster strikes. A great red dragon, Dauthir, rises from its slumber, roaring for those nearby to join it. King Uther leads the knights of Camelot to battle, supported by Merlyn and Morgana. There is an epic battle that turns the sky black for three days. When the sunlight finally finds its way to Albion again, it shines on a victorious Camelot. The Dauthir and the lesser dragonlings it summoned have been slain and the remaining dragons continue to sleep undisturbed. Albion is safe once more, but there has been a cost: in order to deliver the killing blow, Uther has sacrificed himself, leaving no recognized heirs.

This leaves the survivors in a strange position. The immediate threat is gone and they have no natural leader. Merlyn searches the land for illegitimate offspring while Morgana suggests her own son as an alternative.
Unfortunately, they cannot agree on a suitable candidate and Merlyn steals Excalibur, giving it to Arthur and declaring him ruler of Albion. Furious at this betrayal, Morgana and her followers rise up in opposition and the humans of Albion have their first, and worst civil war.

1280 Years ago

Sensing that the battle is too evenly matched, Merlyn goes to the Keepers of Albion and shows them the devastation the war is bringing to the land. Hiding his own hand in things, he convinces them that Morgana is the biggest threat to the land Albion has faced since the dragons and convinces them to aid his cause.

Morgana and her forces are immediately forced to retreat and, too proud to accept defeat, she uses dark magic to call for aid. She is answered by the demons who offer their help in exchange for entry into the world. Morgana accepts, tearing open a gateway to hell. With her new demonic allies, she is more than a match for Merlyn.

1260 Years ago

After years of war, Merlyn realizes that neither side can easily win and that as the demons spill out into the world, Albion itself is likely to be destroyed. While Arthur leads his knights towards the final battle, Merlyn convinces his apprentices to perform a powerful ritual that will sacrifice the knights and restore peace. He doesn’t tell them it will also result in their deaths.

As the battle reaches its most frantic, the ritual begins and Merlyn takes Excalibur and shatters it. The resulting explosion kills most of the knights on both sides, and casts the demons back across the void; they drag a screaming Morgana with them as they go.
Merlyn himself vanishes, the oldest of the giants return to the earth and all of Albion is shrouded in mist, sealing it off from the rest of the world. Most of the continent starts to recover, except for those places where the ritual's magic was most powerful.

But Morgana had one last trick to play. As she realised her doom was imminent, she ordered one of her high priestesses to flee, taking with her a trove of secret knowledge and her newborn child in the hopes that they would one day return to Albion and find a way to bring her back.

200 Years ago

For over a millennium things have been peaceful in Albion. The demon wars are only remembered in campfire stories. The few survivors of Morgana’s cult hide in the shadows, biding their time.

Meanwhile the baby that crossed the waters has become a conqueror and founded a line of kings and queens. The ancient secrets they took with them are locked in an old library, all but forgotten.

15 Years ago

The magical mists surrounding Albion begin to fade, allowing a group of explorers to discover it. They report to their King across the sea. The King knows nothing of his ancestral history or Albion’s, but he recognises a new land, rich in resources that his war-torn nation sorely needs.

As the mists weaken, they reveal parts of Albion still scarred by the old war. Skeletons in ancient armor rise once more and wander the land. Most of them are mindless, tragic things, still trying to fight a war that ended long ago. Where the knights have been reduced to walking corpses, Merlyn’s apprentices were transformed into Harvesters, bitter shades that hunger constantly for fresh souls.

At this time, Morgana’s cult begins to stir, looking for a chance to restore their lost glory.

12 Years ago

The King sends an expedition to Albion. It is mainly made up of criminals and enemies of the throne. They begin to set up rudimentary settlements.

8 Years ago

Albion is not kind to the newcomers. Many die, killed by foxes and wolves, by angry tribesmen and hungry giants. The survivors soon fall to infighting. Some are recruited by the Disciples of Morgana. They scrape together simple versions of magic and crafting used by the other factions, but the poorly channeled magics slowly drive them mad. The leader of the colony wanders off one night claiming to have ‘heard voices’ and returns a changed man, proclaiming himself to be a Heretic. Shortly afterwards, all contact with the new colonies is lost.

5 Years ago

The King sends a large contingent of Royal Expeditionary Forces to secure a foothold in Albion. They take a significant chunk of coastline and erect a great wall to artificially create a safe space within Albion. In truth this space is not actually safe but the Royal Forces do their best to patrol it and impose the King’s law where they can.

1 Year ago

The colonies are deemed safe enough for civilians. The King allows people to petition for a charter to go to Albion and seek their fortune.