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Wild Blood

Coming October 16
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Wild Blood

October 16 brings Albion Online’s highly-anticipated next content update: Wild Blood. This update introduces a host of fantastical creatures to Albion, and gives players the power to harness this primal magic for themselves. A brand new weapon line, Shapeshifter Weapons, allows players to shift between human and non-human form, bringing a whole new element to combat in Albion, and a new layer to the game’s ‘you are what you wear’ system. In addition to assuming the form of fearsome beasts, players can hunt them as well, in a new open-world feature: Tracking. Players can search for the tracks of these creatures and follow them across regions, before coming face-to-face with them in a final showdown. Hunting these creatures can give new, magical rewards, but there may be unexpected encounters with other groups along the way.

Awakened Items allow players to imbue weapons with unique characteristics and leave a personal mark on the world of Albion. As high-level weapons gain Attunement through use, new traits can be added - but this becomes more challenging with each addition. And though combat brings the risk of loss, Awakened Items can persist in the world, reappearing as exquisitely rare loot. New Artifacts and Alchemical Ingredients gained by tracking and defeating rare creatures offer a host of trade and crafting opportunities, and can be used to craft Shapeshifter Artifact Weapons as well as all-new Potions with powerful effects.

Players can now own multiple Personal Islands, which are now linked to the visuals and biome of their city, and Randomized Dungeons have new visuals and special enemies. A Death Recap screen allows players to review and learn from defeat, Farming gains new depth with favored foods and local bonuses, and countless additional quality-of-life refinements make the world of Albion a richer experience than ever.

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Wild Blood brings an entirely new Staff weapon line to Albion: Shapeshifter Weapons. These harness raw energy in combat, until they allow the wielder to shift into the form of a fantastical beast before their enemies’ eyes. Each of the Shapeshifter Weapons allows players to metamorphosize into a different creature, with its own attributes and new abilities.

This takes Albion’s ‘you are what you wear’ system into a whole new realm, as players can shift between their Human and Shape forms mid-fight. Builds can be constructed to contrast or complement their Shape forms as they wish, adding a new layer of unpredictability to combat.

For more on Shapeshifter Weapons, watch this Dev Talk.
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Along with the ability to morph into ferocious beasts, Wild Blood allows players to hunt them across Albion too, with the brand-new Tracking feature.

Finding and following the tracks of these creatures will lead groups of players across the open world, from region to region, searching for the next traces and, ultimately, a showdown with their target. The journey will lead players in unexpected directions, bringing encounters with other groups on their own hunts, and whatever else lies along the way. Defeat the target, though, and valuable rewards await, like rare new Alchemical Ingredients, and Artifact Items that can be crafted into Shapeshifter Weapons, letting players harness the power of these beasts for themselves.

For more on Tracking, watch this Dev Talk.
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Awakened Items add a new level to Albion’s player-driven world, giving players the chance to imbue items with unique characteristics. Pristine-enchanted items can gain Attunement points through PvE combat, which can be spent to add Traits - improving certain attributes. But the more these are added, the more difficult it becomes, meaning each Awakened Item will have a rare combination of stats, a unique part of the world of Albion.

Of course, these can be lost in PvP combat, but they can also return to the game as loot, ready to fight another day and continue their illustrious story…

For more on Awakened Items, watch this Dev Talk.
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This update brings a range of new, powerful potions to the game - each one corresponding to one of the wild beasts that can be tracked and bringing further new possibilities to combat and gathering in Albion. Existing potion effects have been reworked, and all potions can now be enchanted up to level 3 using new Arcane Extracts dropped by trackable creatures. New potions include:
• Tornado in a Bottle: Creates a whirlwind, casting your enemies back
• Hellfire Potion: Creates a pit of raging flames where it lands
• Berserk Potion: Fly into a rage, with increased damage but reduced defense
• Calming Potion: Turn invisible within a magical, effervescent cloud
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Players can now own multiple Personal Islands, with up to one island for each of Albion’s cities. Island visuals have been completely reworked and upgraded to reflect the atmosphere, aesthetics, and biome of the host city. Personal Islands have also gained unique farming bonuses tied to their city, and now offer Multipurpose Plots that can hold either buildings or farms. Farming has been improved and streamlined: each animal now has a favorite food that offers bonus nutrition, encouraging trade between Albion’s different cities and biomes.
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Randomized Dungeons across Albion's open world have been reworked and improved. New "building blocks" significantly increase the variety of available dungeon layouts, and improved visuals and lighting give these dungeons a more dynamic look. Terrains blend together more effectively, and enemy spell indicators are clearer. And last but not least, adventurers now have a rare chance to encounter the Colossi and Titans from the "Living Legacy" anniversary event in all Randomized Dungeons.
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After being knocked down or killed, players now have the opportunity to see a recap of the events leading up to their defeat. Offering both a quick overview and a more detailed breakdown, this recap shows the final enemy attacks, spells, and effects that were carried out over a specific time period. Overall, access to this critical information will help players improve, survive, and ultimately triumph in Albion's more intense combat settings.
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Alongside the above, Wild Blood offers a wide range of improvements and upgrades, including:
Improved and streamlined Marketplace and Black Market actions
New mob camp variants added to the Roads of Avalon
New Hardcore Expedition chat channel
Numerous optimizations for mobile and controllers
… and much more
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