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Rise of Avalon

On August 12, 2020, the Rise of Avalon update brings the world of Albion into a whole new era. This update introduces the Roads of Avalon, a massive, shifting network of ancient roads and paths. The Roads can be entered via gateways that spawn in the open world, and can be used to traverse vast distances for traveling, transporting items, or launching (or escaping) attacks. Outside the Roads, the immense Wilderness of Avalon offers a whole new realm to explore, with treasures, resource sites, and new creatures and Avalonian enemies to conquer. And smaller guilds looking for a home away from the politics and territory warfare of the Outlands can place Hideouts and live in the Roads of Avalon, which presents unique challenges and opportunities.

A new line of Avalonian Weapons consisting of fifteen weapons and three offhand items, each with their own unique skills, brings new dimensions to combat in Albion Online. These weapons can be crafted with new artifacts, which in turn can be crafted by new fragments called Avalonian Shards, both of which are dropped by Avalonian mobs.

Corrupted Dungeons are a new feature that allows single players to take on challenging solo PvE in a fiery realm populated with demons, traps, and corrupted beings. Players can defeat hordes of enemies for treasure and Infamy, or invade other players' dungeons and engage in 1v1 combat to gain Infamy and loot and rise through the leaderboards.

Additional features in the Rise of Avalon update include a major overhaul of Destiny Board PvE progression, numerous UI quality-of-life improvements, an all-new Rogue Adventurer Skin bundle, and much, much more.



The Roads of Avalon are a network of ever-changing paths through the ancient kingdom of Avalon. They are accessed via gateways to Avalon, magical portals that appear and disappear throughout the world. They have varying lifetimes before disappearing, and allow only a set number of players to pass through at once, contributing to small-group gameplay.

Once inside, the Roads themselves lead to numerous other gateways, which open into the Outlands, the Royal Continent, or into further Roads. As such, the Roads can be used for transport, trade, outmaneuvering enemies, or accessing resources and dungeons far from your starting position.

For more details, check out the first part of our Roads of Avalon Dev Talk on the basics of Roads, and the second part of it on exploration.
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With the release of the Rise of Avalon update, players will not only be able to explore the ancient Avalonian Roads for treasures, resources, and gateways to different zones, but will also be able to place Hideouts and live in Avalon. As the Roads are somewhat removed from territory warfare, guild seasons, and the politics of the Outlands, they present new opportunities for smaller guilds looking to carve out their own corner of the world.

The constantly shifting gateway connections always bring new and exciting opportunities for exploration and conflict. Living in Avalon brings new risks and challenges, but for guilds able to survive in this ever-changing realm, the rewards are tremendous.

For more details, check out the third part of our Roads of Avalon Dev Talk.
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Corrupted Dungeons are a new feature designed to give solo players new opportunities for PvE and PvP. These fiery underground realms present new challenges in the form of demons, traps, and corrupted creatures. To complete a dungeon, you'll have to kill these corrupted foes, with each kill granting Infamy points.

You can also invade other players, with invaded players given a choice between destroying shards to banish you or standing their ground. The winner gains a portion of the loser's Infamy, allowing skilled players to rise through the leaderboards, access higher-level dungeons, and achieve ever-greater rewards. But remember to watch your back, as others can invade you as well.

Watch our dedicated Dev Talk to learn more about how Corrupted Dungeons work.
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Avalonian Weapons are a whole new line of fifteen Artifact Weapons and three offhand items, each with unique abilities that will bring exciting new opportunities to combat in Albion. These weapons can be crafted with new Avalonian Artifacts which can be obtained directly or forged from Avalonian Shards, with both Artifacts and Shards dropped by Avalonian mobs. New skills include:
Lucent Hawk (Bow): shoot up to four high-impact, long-range skillshots in a row
Majestic Smash (Two-Handed Sword): knock all enemies around you into the air, then follow with a heavy vertical attack
Soul Link (Nature Staff): temporarily link two targets together, with effects based on targets' alignments relative to the caster

For more details on Avalonian Weapons, please see this Dev Talk.
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With the addition of the new Avalonian Weapons, the Destiny Board has been expanded. Artifact Weapons have been given more specific item-based nodes for both combat and crafting, which now require the same amount of Fame as a normal node, allowing for more accessible mastery of any specific item. The overall Fame progression of the Destiny Board has been preserved.

To give players more control over how to progress their characters, we are adding special bags called Satchels of Insight that reduce the effective amount of Silver earned through PvE in return for a faster Fame progression.
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This update brings far-reaching improvements to major UI elements across numerous game systems, including:
• Reworked and improved In-Match Scoreboard for Arena, Crystal League, and City Fights
• Major UIs now show the estimated Market Value in Silver for items
• Added optional numeric cooldown display to spell timers
• Clicking a player-owned building on a cluster map now shows all buildings of that type in the cluster
• Reworked item and spell icons
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The Rise of Avalon update brings a new costume bundle to the world of Albion: the Rogue Adventurer. This complete costume, available in the ingame store, decks your character and Armored Horse out in a sinister, poison-themed hood, robe, boots, and mount skin.

In addition to its overall menacing look, the set includes unique animations that let you show off your poison pots, and includes additional skins that allow you to display your guild logo on your mount, chest piece, and cape.
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Randomized Dungeon entrance appearance and despawn behavior standardized across dungeon and zone types
Toggle spell behavior improved during fast-paced combat
• Further improvements and optimizations to the mobile version
Crafting times for bait and enchanted foods reduced; numerous crafting values streamlined and balanced
• ...and much more
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