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Beyond the Veil

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As the nights grow darker and the winds howl mercilessly, a new light arrives in Albion: Faye.

This update not only brings the forest biome to the world of Albion, it also contains an abundance of features to improve the general gameplay. From Royal GvG to Transmutation changes, Faye has something for everyone. November also brings the addition of music and emotes, to up the overall quality of the game.

Read more about Faye in the changelogs.


New Biome: Forests

Discover the mythical forests, where the ancient magic of Albion is rooted deep into the ground.

The resources found in the forests are Wood, Hide and Rock. They are home to the Heretics and the ancient Keepers of Albion.

Read more about the forests here.
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Royal Guild Territories

Guild warfare has arrived in the Royal Isles!

Guilds who are not quite ready for the treacherous Outlands can now fight for Watchtower Territories in both yellow and red zones.

Watchtower Territories’ mechanics are being slightly adjusted in both the Royal Continents and Outlands. Only members of the occupying guild will be able to gather resources in the territory, and they will receive additional yield bonus for doing so.
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A total of ten emotes have been added, including player animations to accompany them. You can now make your character cry, laugh, dance, and more!

Type /applaud, /beg, /bow, /cheer, /cry, /dance, /flex, /laugh, /salute or /wave to activate the respective emote.

To get an overview of all possible actions, simply type /emotes in the chat.
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Background Music and Ambiance

Crank up the volume! The official Albion Online soundtrack has been added to the game. Feast your ears on 19 unique tracks, ranging from triumph horns in the city to ominous percussion in the Hell Gates.

On top of that, ambient sounds have been added to the game as well, making the world feel more alive than ever before!

Our sound design is an on-going project, and more will be added in the future.
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Winter Season in Albion!

‘Tis the the season to be jolly! The cities of Albion have dusted off their holiday decoration and the vanity merchants have stocked up on Fireworks and Snowballs.

If you are in extraordinarily high spirits, pay Uncle Frost a visit in the Keeper dungeons! Upon defeat, he will drop a Decorative Bridle. Take this item to your local Saddler to craft your very own Yule Stag, a holiday-themed Tier 4 mount.

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Persistent Mounts

When (voluntarily) dismounting, your mount remains in the world and continues to provide you with its load bonus, and allows you to quickly re-mount it. If you get knocked off your mount by an opponent, or you're attacked while unmounted, your mount will make a swift exit!

On top of this, mount health is now depleted first while you're mounted, so when mount health reaches zero you will dismount at full health.

Read more about the mount changes here.
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Starting from Tier 4, all mobs will now drop Essences. These are needed to refine all resources.

Additionally, Artifact Fragments have been converted into magical materials matching their level: Runes (Gateway), Souls (Hellgate) and Relics (Raid). They can still be used to meld Artifacts.

Essences can be transmuted into Runes, Runes into Souls, and Souls into Relics.
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Transmutation Changes

Transmutator building are being retired. Instead, transmutation can now be done at refining buildings.

Transmutating to highter Tiers no longer requires silver, but instead multiple copies of the resource you’re attempting to transmute from.

As existing Transmatutors have become non-functional, they can be demolished to recover their resources (see Building Renovation below).
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Guard Towers

The Guard NPCs will now be backed up by Guard Towers. These strongholds are placed between PvP and safe zones to protect the gates from Outlaws.

A new debuff has been added: Outlaw. Attacking or supporting an attack on a non-Outlaw player will grant you this debuff (even with a positive reputation). As an Outlaw, you cannot log out or enter cities as long as the debuff is active. Additionally, Guard Towers will attack you if you are near them.

Read more about the Guard Towers and Outlaws here.
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Building Decay and Renovation

Buildings now have a daily decay, making them take damage over time. Take care of your building, as it is not useable under 10% durability. The higher the tier of a building, the more damage it takes.

Can’t take care of your structure anymore? Either downgrade or demolish it completely. You can pick up leftover resources as soon as the builder has taken care of your building.

It is possible to upgrade, downgrade, repair and demolish your building from a single interface. The UI tells you the before-and-after effects, so you know what you are doing!
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Off-Screen Nametag

With this option enabled, you will now see the nametags of approaching players at the edge of your screen as soon as they're in detection range, so you can see who's coming before they enter the screen.

You can enable off-screen nametags in the settings menu, under “Name Tags” .

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New Weapon Spells

Cursed Mages and Frost Mages are receiving some love, with each line getting a new spell.

Cursed Sickle (Q) on Cursed Staff: Create a demonic sickle, which flies to your position and applies a Vile Curse on any hit enemies.

Frost Beam (W) on Frost Staff: Channel a beam that slowly freezes the enemy and targets around them.

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Quality of Life Improvements

A vast number of smaller improvements are included in Faye!

  • A new chat channel has been added : LFG (Looking For Group).
  • Market categories have been given a substantial overhaul.
  • Furniture Chests weight limits have been increased.
  • A World Map search function has been added.
  • There is now an option to auto-deny duels.
  • …and more!

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    Various Bug Fixes

    This update also comes with a variety of bug fixes, such as:

  • Fixed an issue where Keeper and Hell Artifacts could not be listed on the market.
  • Fixed an issue where Wind Wall would knock back people the wrong way.
  • You can no longer gain reputation above 0 while flagged hostile.
  • More agents have missions now; this remains an ongoing project!
  • …and more!

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