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We are happy to announce the first content update since the start of Final Beta: Elaine!

The Elaine content update introduces Albion to the highlands, a green land full of plateaus, hills and water. On your travels through the highlands you will meet the mighty Keeper faction, as well as an occasional hill marmot.

But there is more! Elaine brings a total of 36 new Artifacts for you to craft powerful weapons, off-hand items and equipment with, as well as various other changes and improvements.

Read more about Elaine in the changelogs.


New Biome: Highlands

The highlands are a big green oasis, full of hills, river streams and waterfalls. Pioneers have tried to settle the land, but were banished from the land by the Keepers, leaving remnants of civilization overgrown by nature.

The resources found in the highlands are Rock, Ore and Wood. They are home to the Heretics and the Keeper faction.

Read more about the highlands here.
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Return of the Keeper Faction

The Keepers of Albion are giant humans that have been part of Albion for as long as history has been recorded. They are one with nature, and have learned everything they know from the animals and magic surrounding them.

The Keepers can be found in the highlands and the upcoming forest biome, where they will protect nature from intruders with all their might.

Learn more about the Keepers here.
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Artifact Items: Keeper

As the Keepers make their comeback to Albion Online, they bring powerful Artifacts along with them. Venture into the Keeper dungeons and craft their Artifact items to unlock the Keeper’s true potential.

There will be a total of 7 Keeper Artifact items: 5 weapons, an off-hand item and a cloth armor set.

Learn more about the Keeper Artifacts here.
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Artifact Items: Hell

The Keepers are not the only faction with new artifact items. The Demons of the depths of hell have new impressive drops, which you can use to craft the Hell Artifact items.

A total of 21 new Hell Artifact items will be added: 15 weapons, 3 off-hand items and 3 armor sets.

Learn more about the Hell Artifacts here.
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New Crossbow and Axe Spells

The Crossbow and Axe weapons receive new spells, allowing players to further individualize their playstyles!

Crossbow users have the option to choose Explosive Bolt on their first slot and Noise Eraser on the second.

Internal Bleedings is added for Axes, as a second slot spell.
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Swamp Animals

The swamps are now populated with more appropriate creature types.

Foxes and boars have moved on to greener pastures, probably driven out by a variety of snakes and lizards that now call the swamps their home.

Read all about the swamp mobs here.
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Various Fixes & Improvements

Numerous smaller changes, bug fixes and improvements will be implemented with this update. Some examples:

  • Tier 1 mobs have been added to the steppes and mountains.
  • Various spells have been rebalanced.
  • Multiple invisible walls in raid clusters were removed.
  • Several Destiny Board requirements got fixed.

  • All fixes and improvements can be found in the changelogs.
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