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Beyond the Veil

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Beyond the Veil

On November 21, 2022, Albion Online releases its next major content update: Beyond the Veil. This update takes players into Albion’s strangest, most magical corners, revealing new, mysterious lands to explore and treasures to behold – for single players, groups, and small and large guilds alike. First and foremost, this update introduces an entirely new realm to the game: the Mists. Dedicated to solo and duo players, the Mists offer a wide range of PvP and PvE possibilities in a magical, ephemeral setting. With purple-hued landscapes and fantastical creatures, players will feel the thrill of exploring an untouched region without the presence of large groups, with both non-lethal and lethal areas available.

The Mists hold more secrets, though. Those worthy enough will have a new city revealed to them within its depths: Brecilien. This city has no fixed location, and is only accessible to those who have uncovered its secrets deep in the Mists. Once revealed, Brecilien can be entered from the Mists and the Roads of Avalon, serving as a base for players who wish to make these ancient areas the focus of their adventures. The Mists also contain never-before-seen creatures, which cast powerful spells and drop valuable artifacts. These artifacts can in turn be crafted into new Fey Armor, with nine items across three lines, that offer an array of all-new spells to further expand Albion’s combat styles. And resources will now be available in a new, exceedingly valuable Pristine enchantment, inviting high-level open-world combat and offering new opportunities for crafters.

This update also brings a rework to the Roads of Avalon, revitalizing them for smaller and independent guilds. Hideouts within the Roads can now be declared Headquarters and have their construction accelerated. Power Cores can now be found within the Roads as well, along with treasures, upgraded mobs, Crystal Spiders, and more. And last but not least, Beyond the Veil brings notable Quality-of-Life improvements such as improved Guild Crest creation, the ability to equip and buy Guild Loadouts, and an updated Character Selection screen.



Beyond the Veil brings with it one of the most ambitious developments in Albion’s history: a new realm called the Mists. This magical region is entered through ephemeral portals in the open world, opened by mysterious creatures called Will o’ Wisps. These portals allow either solo or duo players to enter, depending on their size. Once inside, players can enjoy a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay, without the presence of large, organized groups, and encounter creatures both familiar and new in a magical, untouched setting.

The Mists are unstable, though, and the creeping fog within will eventually rise and swallow a region, casting players back to where they first entered from. Unless, of course, they can follow another Wisp further in…

For more on the Mists, watch this Dev Talk.
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Hidden deep within the Mists, and revealed only to the worthy, lies an ancient city known as Brecilien.

Brecilien exists without a fixed physical location, and can be said to drift within the Mists. Locating it at first is challenging, and the exact means of accessing it is a well-kept secret of the city's residents. Once it is revealed, players will be able to reach it through portals in the Mists and the Roads of Avalon, as well as via the Travel Planner.

As with other cities in Albion, Brecilien will have its own Player Islands, Marketplace, Bank, crafting stations, and crafting bonuses. And the city will also include portals to the Mists and the Roads, offering intrepid players a base for exploring these strange and ancient realms.
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The Mists offer an array of open world-like gameplay opportunities to solo and duo players. Both lethal and non-lethal zones exist, corresponding to the zone from which they were entered, allowing players to try their hand at lower-risk 1v1 combat in the non-lethal zones or compete for valuable rewards in the lethal areas.

These rewards include mobs and treasures that upgrade over time, unenchanted and enchanted resources, and some new, never-before-seen creatures – including the Wolpertinger, the Griffin, the Veilweaver, and the Fey Dragon. And some Mists regions will themselves be enchanted, offering more powerful but more valuable enemies.
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This update also introduces magical new creatures who call the Mists home. These strange and fearsome creatures can drop new Artifacts, which are craftable into an entirely new Artifact Armor line: Fey Armor. There are three main branches of this armor line – Feyscale (Cloth), Mistwalker (Leather), and Duskweaver (Plate) – with nine new items that can be crafted at stations throughout Albion. They offer an array of entirely new spells, such as:

• Spider Thread: slow enemies or pull yourself towards them
• After Image: confuse enemies with an illusory double as you dash towards them
• Wild Magic: overwhelm enemies with an array of spells
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In the Outlands of Albion, resources enchanted like never before have begun to appear. Known as Pristine resources, these are exceedingly rare, appearing only in Albion’s black zones. They appear as Resource Treasures on the region and world map, so any adventurer who discovers one will likely not be the only one – and, as they are locked for a time when they appear, fierce combat is likely to erupt over these highly valuable treasures. These resources offer new high-level opportunities for traders, refiners, and crafters as well, particularly since they can also be created via Transmutation. Gear crafted from Pristine resources has a tier suffix of .4, bringing a new dimension to weapons and armor across tiers and content.
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With the Mists offering a whole new world of gameplay possibilities to solo and duo players, this update reworks the Roads of Avalon for small groups and independent guilds. Hideouts within the Roads will be able to be declared Headquarters, and will have to be powered accordingly. Therefore, Power Cores will also be available in the Roads, providing a new objective for guilds to fight over. Along with Power Cores, further new gameplay possibilities will be introduced in the Roads – such as Crystal Spiders, open world treasures, and upgrading mobs, all of which will reinvigorate these areas as exciting, highly competitive regions of Albion.

For more on the reworked Roads of Avalon, see this Dev Talk.
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Beyond the Veil offers quality-of-life improvements for new and experienced players alike. The Guild Crest creator has been updated, and guilds can now better represent themselves to potential new recruits via an improved Guild Description UI. Guild Loadouts can now be bought and equipped directly from the Marketplace or chests. And numerous improvements have been made to party UIs for mobile players, allowing them to more smoothly access and enjoy this content.
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Alongside the above, Beyond the Veil offers a wide range of improvements and upgrades, including:
Visual and UI Character Selection Screen improvements
Vanity items displayed in Character Inspect UI
Destiny Board tutorials for Auto-respec and Auto-learn
Mobile targeting and casting improvements
… and much more
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