Обновления Albion Online


Выходит в свет

Final Beta / Version 1.0.296 - REV 55633 / 01 August 2016

For the initial release of Final Beta, we are noting only major changes, as there have been too many smaller fixes and improvements to count!

New World

We rebuilt the entire world of Albion and all individual areas from scratch, doubled it in size and overhauled layout and distribution for more variety and interesting gameplay. Here are the most important changes:

  • There are now three continents: Kings Isle, Queens Isle and the Outlands.
  • Kings and Queens (also referred to as the Royal Continents) are where the King still has power and where people that kill too many other players will have to face consequences - while people that hunt down player killers and kill mobs can build up a trusted reputation.
  • The Outlands are a huge free for all area, where Guilds will find territories to conquer and the most precious resources.

Royal Continents and the Outlands are each as big as the entire old Albion world.


The new world consists of different biomes that all come with their own visuals, mobs and resources.

Final Beta launches with mountainswamp and steppe biomes; during the test we will addhighlands and forests.

Since not all resources are available in all areas, trading and transport will be crucial!

  • The Swamp Biome: soaky grounds, lakes, giant toads and vicious lizards. This is the home of the Undead, where you can find lots of fiber but also some wood and hide.
  • The Steppe Biome: wide, dusty plains and sharp cliffs. Plenty of animals - most of them never seen before in Albion - dominate this biome and provide hide to the hunters. Ore and fiber are the other two resources that can be found here. Morgana herself has sent out expeditions to claim this biome for her evil forces.
  • The Mountain Biome: Massive mountains, so high that they are always covered in snow only interrupted by deep, deadly canyons. This is where you'll find the castles of Morgana and where gatherers can collect lots of ore and rock.

Item system overhaul

We have simplified and expanded the item system, so you now have more choices that are easier to understand.

  • Everything is available starting from Tier 4, and the item progression and Destiny Board have been reworked to ensure that the biggest question you have to ask is "what item best fits my playstyle?"
  • A ton of new abilities have been added all over the item range.
  • The most powerful agents of the Keepers, Morganas and Undead are now in possession ofancient Artifacts that can be forged into powerful weapons and armor... if you can get your hands on them! Pieces of Artifact equipment have their own look, more power and unique abilities.
  • Artifact fragments can also be found throughout the world, and if you can find enough of them, you can meld them into usable Artifacts.
  • Both, normal items and Artifact items, can be crafted using rare enchanted resourcesgathered from the world, to boost their power even further.

Reputation system

The new reputation system brings another way of creating an identity for yourself within the world of Albion. A very peaceful player will rise to the higher titles and may end up with the title of Glorious at some point. However a very aggressive and hostile player will find themselves reaching the depths of their reputation and may become Dreaded by others.

GvG rework

GvG has had a major facelift with improvements both visually and mechanically. Here are some of the key changes to the new GvG system:

  • Watch Towers are a new type of territory which have no physical boundary keeping players out of them. Watch Towers do however have NPC guards which are aligned to the owning Guild, and will fight off any intruders (and alert their Guild!) Some Watch Towers also oversee arable land that can be used for farming.
  • The GvG Timing System is now regionalized, to ensure that players are playing with and against players with the same typical playing hours as they have.
  • The actual GvG Battle has had massive facelifts, improved UI, visuals and audio.
  • Counter Attack System ensures that you really want to commit to a fight.
  • Defender Bonus has now been reworked to allow Guilds on the brink of losing their territory to have the highest chance of defending it. This will encourage Guilds to fight right to the bitter end.
  • GvG fights are now scheduled on the worldmap, and the scheduling process has had a lot of quality-of-life polish to improve the experience.

Read more on our news post about the GvG rework

Economy rebalance

The economy has had a complete overhaul, adjusting drop rates, silver rewards, repair cost, resource availability and more - all with the goal of better rewarding you for being faster, stronger and smarter than your competitors.

Combat rebalance

Substantial work has been done on items and abilities - see below!

Still to Come

Further content will be rolling out over the course of Final Beta.

  • More powerful/valuable Artifacts are still to come, including a full range of Hell Artifacts. This will triple the number of available Artifacts.
  • Highland and Forest biomes will be added; existing world map areas will be converted from mountain/swamp to highland/forest.
  • Each biome will gain its own city layout and graphics.
  • Audio and music will be substantially overhauled, including an all-new musical score.
  • A substantial UI overhaul is in the works, changing both functionality and visuals.

Known Issues

  • The minimap of the region "King's Highland Muster" is broken.
  • Minimaps for islands are not displaying ground correctly.
  • Alliance chat color is incorrect and needs to be adjusted to be distinguishable from whisper.
  • Android Client still needs significant stability and usability improvements.

Item Changes

New Base Weapons

  • Dual Swords in Sword line
  • Light Crossbow (one handed) in Crossbow line

New Artifact Weapons and Equipment

  • Bloodletter in Dagger line
  • Carrioncaller in Axe line
  • Clarent Blade in Sword line
  • Black Monk Stave in Quarter Staff line
  • Tombhammer in Hammer line
  • Whispering Bow in Bow line
  • Weeping Repeater in Crossbow line
  • Lifecurse Staff in Cursed Staff line
  • Witchwork Staff in Arcane Staff line
  • Lifetouch Staff in Holy Staff line
  • Eye of Secrets offhand in Tome line
  • Sarcophagus offhand in Shield line
  • Graveguard Helmet in Plate Helmet line
  • Graveguard Armor in Plate Armor line
  • Graveguard Boots in Plate Boots line
  • Stalker Hood in Leather Hood line
  • Stalker Jacket in Leather Jacket line
  • Stalker Shoes in Leather Shoes line

Combat Balance Changes


With Final Beta every player starts with a fresh character and gear. We took this opportunity to revisit all the abilities and items in the game. Various items and abilities have been moved, values changed and mechanics adjusted to create an overall more interesting and compelling PvP dynamic and PvE experience.

Weapon passives have been reworked completely. They don't offer any passive stats any more, but are instead tied to actions. These passives are now triggered every x-th auto attack or after x ability activations. This way the passive can be used more actively and reliable in combat, adding another layer of strategy and build optimization. Because of their increased importance, passives are now available on one handed and two handed weapons. Therefore the offhands don't have any selectable passives anymore.

Since mobility is such an important factor in open world PvP the mobility differences in weapons and armors has been reduced. This doesn't mean that all weapons and gear provide the same amount of mobility, but the gaps are generally toned down.

Every weapon now has always one ability in the "E" slot. In case a weapon offered multiple E abilities before, one of them stayed on the weapon and most of the other options are available on the Artifact weapons or are either moved to the W ability slot or removed from the game.

Normal attack interval has been increased for all staff weapons. Damage per normal attack has been lowered, to keep the DPS the same. This change helps to activate passives over auto attacks.

On top of this, there have also been many visual improvements, bug fixes and balance tweaks to fit the new meta.

Arcane Staffs

All shield abilities are now also increased by Heal Power, so they become stronger with Cloth Armor or any other heal power increases. This gives Arcane Staff wielders stronger shielding abilities if they decide to not go full tank, while the tanky Arcane Staff can still be played the same way as before.

Black Hole

  • The ability has been moved to an Artifact weapon.


The Halberd was moved to the axe line, because the weapon's theme fits better into this line. Because of this change, the Scythe has become an Artifact weapon, making the weapon harder to obtain but also more valueable and fearsome.

Weapon Tree Changes

  • Weapon #1: Axe - Ability: Vampiric Strike
  • Weapon #2: Great Axe - Ability: Whirlwind
  • Weapon #3: Halberd - Ability: Rending Swing
  • Scythe will be available later as an Artifact weapon.


A new one-handed crossbow type entered this weapon line, introducing new possibilites to combine a crossbow with various offhands.

Because the cast time of Knockback Shot was really hard to utilize, the ability is now an instant cast. When played together with the new knockback passive, the crossbow can offer a lot of disruption, at the expense of the extra damage or slow from the other ability choices of the W ability slot.

Weapon Tree Changes

  • Weapon #1: Crossbow - Ability: Snipeshot
  • Weapon #2: Heavy Crossbow - Ability: Sweeping Bolt
  • Weapon #3: Light Crossbow - Ability: Exploding Shot

Knockback Shot

  • Has been changed to an instant ability with lower cast range.


The Dagger's E ability was limited to five hits only, which made it straightforward but also didn't leave much room for optimizing the ability's appliance. To make the ability more interesting, it is now only limited by an uptime, which makes it possible to stack attack speed buffs to get more damage out of the ability. This adds a layer of possible build improvements, and brings this item more in line with the burst damage theme of this weapon tree.

New Ability on W Slot: Throwing Blades

Poison Coating

  • The ability is now active for 5s and only limited by that uptime, rather than the number of attacks.

Fire Staffs

The Great Fire Staff offered two mighty AoE abilities: the Meteor and the Magma Sphere. With their focus on big groups, both of these abilities fit much better on Artifact weapons. As a result, the Great Fire Staff got a new E ability: the Flame Pillar. This provides good constant AoE damage, but less burst potential against big zergs.

New Ability on Q Slot: Fire Bomb

New E Ability on Great Fire Staff: Flame Pillar

Meteor and Magma Sphere

  • Both abilities have been moved to Artifact versions of the fire staff.

Frost Staffs

All the E abilities of this line have been reviewed and adjusted, to reinforce a distinct role for each weapon in this category. The Freezing Wind will now root enemies; the root breaks on damage, which can be very strong in coordinated small scale PvP or for solo kiting. Hail's focus is on damage, and without the cast time it is much more reliable in hitting the first wave. Blizzard's area control is still strong - the uptime was reduced, but to balance this out the storm now moves faster.

Freezing Wind

  • The ability now freezes and roots enemies on hit. The root breaks on damage.


  • Cast time has been removed and the damage has been increased.


  • The blizzard now moves faster, but the uptime has been reduced from 15s to 10s.


Stalling Slam

  • The ability has been removed.


  • Increased stun duration and damage.

Giant Steps

  • The ability has been moved to an Artifact hammer.

Holy Staffs

Holy Staffs got a new ability buffing cast speed for the W slot. This allows for more burst and mobility, to increase this weapon tree's potential in PvP scenarios such as GvG Battles.

The Divine Staff's Resurrection ability was too situational as an E ability; for this reason, the ability has been moved to the W slot and is available on all Holy Staffs. From Tier 7 on, all Holy Staffs can now switch to Resurrection for specific situations like big group fights.

New Ability on W Slot: Enlightenment

New E Ability on Divine Staff: Divine Protection


  • Is now a W ability on all Holy Staffs, available from Tier 7 onwards.


New Ability on W Slot: Stalling Slam: It stops the enemy's energy regeneration.

Battle Howl

  • Radius slightly increased, and it also generates Threat.

Root Prison

  • Now generates Threat each tick.

Powerful Strikes

  • This ability has been removed.


The Quarterstaff line was great for disrupting enemies with all its knockback abilities. However the Iron-Clad Staff was generally the best weapon for this job, leaving the other two staff types a bit underused. Therefore the E abilities of these two have been adjusted. The Quarterstaff now also reduces enemy attack speed, lowering the enemy's damage output and countering builds that rely strongly on normal attacks. The Double Bladed Staff now slows all enemies around the impact area instead of the knockback - a strong weapon to deny enemies an escape.

The ability Taunt is now available on the W slot

Forceful Swing

  • It now also applies an attack speed debuff to enemies, and the radius has been increased.


  • Moves faster and applies an AoE slow instead of the knockback.


  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact weapon.


Spear line was by far the most mobile weapon tree in the game, and could too easily enforce an engage or disengage. For this reason, the ability Forceful Charge was removed, and the speed boost from the Spirit Spear has been reduced. Spears still have a lot of versatitlity, but they can't completely control the engage and disengage against any other weapon type anymore.

Additionally, the Halberd was replaced with the Glaive, which fits the weapon line's theme much better. The Glaive still has the Fling ability, which can now be used in combination with Spirit Spear. The Rooting Smash from the old Halberd is now found on the Pike, and the Harpoon is on an Artifact spear.

Added Ability on W Slot: Charged Blade

Weapon Tree Changes

  • Weapon #1: Spear - Ability: Reckless Charge
  • Weapon #2: Pike - Ability: Rooting Smash
  • Weapon #3: Glaive - Ability: Fling

Spirit Spear

  • Range and speed bonus have been reduced.


  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact weapon.

Low Stab

  • This ability has been removed.

Forceful Charge

  • This ability has been removed.


Dual Swords are replacing the Glaive, which can now be found in the spear line. The Dual Swords bring a strong AoE skill which also deals a percentage of the enemy's max health as direct damage.

Iron Will is now a W ability, which in combination with the Heroic Charges can make you very sticky to a target. The Interrupt and the Mighty Blow got a self-buffing component, adding more strategic possibilities.

Weapon Tree Changes

  • Weapon #1: Broadsword - Ability: Mighty Blow
  • Weapon #2: Claymore - Ability: Charge
  • Weapon #3: Dual Swords - Ability: Spinning Blades

Mighty Swing

  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact weapon.

Fearless Strike

  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact weapon.

Iron Will

  • This ability has been moved to the W slot.


  • Now also increases normal attack damage, based on number of Heroic Charges (without consuming the stacks).

Mighty Blow

  • Now also increases AR/MR.

Charged Blade

  • This ability has been removed from the sword line.

Sword Wall

  • This ability has been removed.


Since one-handed and two-handed weapons both now have passives on them, the passive choice from the offhand has been removed. But, with all the new Artifact Offhands coming into the game and all boosting a different stat (or stats), a lot of choices and combinations will be possible.

Offhands no longer offer passives.

Offhand Stats:

  • Shield - Increases Bonus Defense and Threat Generation
  • Book - Increases Cast Speed
  • Torch - Increases Normal Attack Speed
  • Energy Regen has been moved to an Artifact offhand
  • Cooldown Reduction has been moved to an Artifact offhand

Armor Ability

All armor chest lines offer now at least one ability that increases movement speed. For the cloth line it is the Speed Caster, for Leather it's Haste and for Plate it is the new ability Wind Shield. This change was made to decrease the mobility differences in armor types, because mobility is so crucial in open world PvP and solo roaming.

Also, various underused helmet and shoe abilities got some buffs and added effects. For instance, the Energy Shield on Soldier Boots got a stronger shield value, and the Howl ability now also decreases enemy attack speed. Energy Regain is now an ability choice on every helmet, similiar to the Mend Wounds on armors. Some strong group-oriented abilities like Smoke Bomb and Electric Field are now on artifact items.

Cloth Robe

Speed Caster

  • Now also provides a move speed bonus.

Leather Jacket

Added ability on all Leather Armors: Inferno Shield


  • Movespeed buff toned down.

Electric Field

  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact leather armor.

Plate Armor

New ability on all Plate Armors: Wind Shield

Inferno Shiled

  • This ability has been moved to the leather armor line.


  • Movespeed buff toned down.

Electric Field

  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact leather armor.

Leather Hood

Available ability choices:

  • All Leather Hoods - Energy Regain
  • All Leather Hoods - Howl
  • Mercenary Hood - Cleanse
  • Hunter Hood - Bear Trap
  • Assassin Hood - Meditation


  • Now also reduces the enemy's attack speed.


  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact leather hood.

Plate Helmet

Available Ability choices:

  • All Plate Helmets - Energy Regain
  • All Plate Helmets - Emergency Heal
  • Soldier Helmet - Energy Shield
  • Knight Helmet - Block
  • Guardian Helmet - Stone Skin

Energy Shield

  • Now also increases AR/MR while the shield is up.


  • Now also gives a move speed bonus.


  • This ability has been moved to an Artifact plate helmet.

Leather Shoes


  • Now reveals only invisible enemies and makes no sound. Channel duration has also been increased.

Plate Boots

Sprint Shield

  • The shield strength got increased; it now absorbs more damage than the Shield Charge.

Shield Charge

  • Radius has been reduced, and max targets is 5.


  • Now also gives a 25% movespeed bonus.