12 marca wydamy naszą trzecią większą popremierową aktualizację zawartości: Lancelot.

Albion Online | Developer Talk #2

16 marca 2016 14:39

Game Director Robin Henkys, Creative Director Jörg Friedrich and Game Designer Michael Schwahn talk about the coming content update Cador and its armor rework. They also give a small glimpse at things to come afterwards.

Albion Online | Developer Talk #1

2 marca 2016 16:02

Game Director Robin Henkys and Creative Director Jörg Friedrich chat about Albion's development since the Brutus update and give you an outlook on things to come.

Albion Online | Spotlight: Novel Introduction

17 grudnia 2015 15:49

Our Game Director sat down with UK author Peter Newman to discuss the first novel he writes for Albion Online, the Lore and his playing experience.

Albion Online | Feature Highlight - Classless Combat 2.0

17 listopada 2015 15:54

We have overhauled the core of our game: the classless combat. More abilities, new armor system, rebalanced skills - everything in our new video!

Albion Online | Highlight Video: Laborers

5 listopada 2015 14:14

The all-new Laborer system will be a great help in all your upcoming resource-gathering.