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Wild Blood is Coming October 16

This major update brings Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, Awakened Items, and much more.

September 18, 2023 at 9:43 AM by JudgeNutmeg

Wild Blood is drawing close: October 16 sees the release of Albion’s latest content update, unleashing its primal side. Shapeshifter Weapons allow players to embody fearsome creatures in combat, while Tracking lets you hunt them across the open world. New, powerful potions can be crafted from their remains, and Awakened Items with unique attributes can be developed through combat. With improvements to player islands and farming, visually reworked Randomized Dungeons, and more, Wild Blood brings new layers to Albion’s sandbox world.

Take on New Forms

Wild Blood brings some of Albion’s most primal magic to the fore, which can be harnessed with the all-new Shapeshifter Weapons. This Staff weapon line lets players metamorphosize into fantastical creatures mid-combat, expanding the limits of Albion’s ‘you are what you wear’ system. Meanwhile, these beasts can be pursued across the open world in the Tracking system, and can drop new artifacts and ingredients to successful hunters, imbued with their magical essence.

Awaken Your Power

The rare, alchemical ingredients dropped by each of these rare beasts can be used to craft brand-new potions with their own formidable effects, introducing further new combat possibilities, while rare Arcane Extracts can enchant potions to levels not seen before. And Awakened Items are coming, which can be imbued with more powerful attributes through their use in combat, becoming records of their own illustrious past. And while these risk being lost in combat, their unique traits live on, persisting through Albion’s history as it is written.

Lands Enriched

Players can now own multiple Personal Islands, which are each linked to a specific city and have stunning new visuals to reflect the distinctive atmosphere of each biome. Each of these now has its own farming bonuses for crops, herbs, and animals, bringing further economic depth to Albion and encouraging trade across the far-flung corners of the Royal Continent. Meanwhile, Randomized Dungeons have expressive new visuals, reworked layouts, and new enemies. And numerous further improvements are coming too, like the Death Recap, which allows players to review and learn from their defeats in combat, becoming ever more fearsome warriors.

Wild Blood expands the possibilities of life in Albion in new ways, opening up exciting avenues to all types of players. For more details on all this, check the official update page:


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