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New Wallpapers Added!

Three new wallpapers - Beyond the Veil, The Mists, and Brecilien - join the growing collection.

December 23, 2022 at 12:13 PM by PrintsKaspian

Our collection of Official Albion Online Wallpapers has been steadily growing since the launch in 2017, with new images all the time. Here's what we've just added:

  • Beyond the Veil: Official Update Artwork (under "Content Updates")
  • The Mists - Loading Screen (under "Cities, Dungeons, Realms, and Hideouts")
  • Brecilien - Loading Screen (under "Cities, Dungeons, Realms, and Hideouts")


All artwork can be downloaded in 4K format, which fits regular HD and 4K screens and can be cropped to fit a variety of widescreen monitors - simply click on the thumbnail images to expand, then right-click and "Save As".

The collection currently includes:

  • Content Update Splash Art
  • City and Biome Loading Screens
  • Dungeon and Hideout Loading Screens
  • Factions of Albion
  • Seasonal Events

We're regularly adding more wallpapers, so check back often!

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