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SIAM Wins the Beta Guild Season

Congrats to all the winners and participants in this unique season!

March 14, 2023 at 1:13 PM by PrintsKaspian

The one-of-a-kind Albion East Beta Guild Season ran from February 20-March 13, concurrent with the Closed Beta. And after the dust settled, the winners were declared: congratulations to SIAM on their decisive victory! Along with second-place winners SINAG and third-place winners Kamikaze, they will be commemorated in the first-ever Season Winner Statues on the Albion East server, which will be placed in the open world for all to see.

Additionally, the top 5 guilds have earned the right to design their own custom guild logo in collaboration with the Albion art team, which will become permanently available to all guilds on both servers!

Here are the final rankings:

  1. SIAM - 93410 Points
  2. SINAG - 80256 Points
  3. Kamikaze - 66894 Points
  4. Cat Army - 49615 Points
  5. ICBC - 46165 Points

While the beta and its Guild Season had the unique challenge of requiring all players to start from scratch in a "zero to hero" rush to level and gear up, it also offered a constantly-running progression buff with greatly boosted Fame, lowered resource weight, and free Learning Points, which allowed players to more quickly reach higher tiers. Accordingly, the season had a much shorter run, with two reset days placed close together, meaning guilds had to go all-out from the beginning to make their mark. 

The season also featured unique, limited statue furniture items awarded to those who made sufficient progress in Gathering Fame, PvE Fame, and total Silver owned. These statues are awarded in Gold, Silver, and Bronze tier based on final rank, will be claimable on Albion East or West, and are tradable.

The next Albion West Guild Season is already underway, and the first official Albion East Season starts on Saturday, March 25. Click here for more info on new Seasonal Rewards, and click here for the complete season schedule. And be sure to keep an eye out for the winner statues dedicated to SIAM, SINAG, and Kamikaze in the Albion East open world!

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