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Season 18 and CLC Winners Announced

Escalation claimed the season title, while Mitos took the Crystal League Championship.

February 28, 2023 at 5:07 PM by JudgeNutmeg

After another hard-fought few weeks in Albion, we can announce the winners of Season 18. So congratulations to Escalation on taking the season crown!

Escalation put up a very strong showing across the course of the season, seeing off challenges from second-placed Mitos and third-placed SUN to earn their title. All the top-performing guilds claimed valuable rewards like the Crystal Goliath Horseeater, Fame buffs, and Avatar Sets.

AlbionTV’s Robinhoodrs gave his take on the season:

As Season 18 begun, the war between light and darkness which started during Season 17 was still raging between the IXXXI coalition and the TERRA coalition.

With territories trading hands daily at the start of Season 18, IXXXI started to gain massive momentum during both 18:00 & 21:00 UTC timers with massive land grabs and the destruction of Hideouts throughout both timers. Over 20 TERRA Hideouts were destroyed as the armies of the IXXXI coalition pushed forward. While this war was raging in the south, another was just warming up in the north with the Grap3 Alliance and the CHIXX Alliance starting to battle it out for control of territories and Hideout placements - a back and forth struggle which continued right up until the end of the season.

There was a late start to the battle for top spot in the season rankings. With Mitos declaring their intention to take the crown it seemed as if agreements had been made, but a sudden and unprovoked launch into Escalation territory a couple of weeks into the Season sparked a war between the two guilds, with Escalation also declaring their desire to push for top spot.

With the war underway, it remained a very close race for weeks until Mitos suffered a devastating defeat in their home region of Deadpine Forest, which Escalation was able to place under siege and gain control over. Though Mitos tried many times to regain control it was too late. They conceded the territory and a short time afterwards the title, having won 375,989 season points.

Escalation continued to buffer their lead over Mitos in the following weeks of the season to ensure there wasn't a surprise comeback during the Crystal League, and after many weeks of hard work Escalation secured the first crystal badge in their logo by taking the Season 18 crown.

The top ten guilds in full:

  • Escalation (616,725 points)
  • Mitos (375,989 points)
  • SUN (303,691 points)
  • Free Beer (287,127 points)
  • Spread Out (284,873 points)
  • War Gods (281,836 points)
  • Tidal (272,066 points)
  • Intercontinental Bajers (271,710 points)
  • Peace Park (271,295 points)
  • EQMS EQMS (267,682 points)

Look out for Escalation’s statue in Albion West’s Conqueror’s Hall very soon!

MITOS retains the Crystal League Championship

Following Season 18, last weekend brought the latest Crystal League Championship. But, after a repeat of last year’s final, no one could wrest the crown from MITOS who overcame the disappointment of finishing second in the season rankings to hold onto the CLC title for a second straight season! As their prize, they take home the very rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw Skin and 10,000 Gold.

Congratulations are also due to the 2nd-4th place runners up:

  • 2nd: Purple Cobras
  • 3rd: MyToes
  • 4th: LFGMGF

Here are the final day’s brackets:

Thanks to the AlbionTV team of Shozen, Lewpac, Bogul, Robinhoodrs, and Tazzik for bringing you coverage of the CLC, as well as Community Managers Nesnes, SirisLi and Emii for their work over the weekend.

The next Guild Season starts on March 11 for Albion West and March 25 for Albion East - the very first season on the new server! Click here for details.

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