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Season 17 Arrives September 17

Albion’s next Guild Season brings increased loot from chests, changes to the Crystal Arena, and more.

August 26, 2022 at 9:52 AM by PrintsKaspian

Albion’s seventeenth Guild Season starts on September 17, and brings some important changes to the Crystal Arena, open-world chests, Headquarters Hideouts, and more. Read on for details, or click here for the complete Season 17 schedule.

Crystal Arena Changes

From Season 17 there will be additional substeps in the Crystal Arena ranking system. While the amount of Ranking Points needed to reach maximum rank remains the same, there will be extra steps between the ranks (Iron III, Iron IV, etc.) As a result, there are now more Chests available for ranking up in a Crystal Arena Season. Additionally, Arena rankings will not fully reset, but instead players will be partially ranked down at the start of the next Season. For example, Crystal Rank players will start at Silver I. All upranking rewards that are skipped will be received in an in-game mail.

Headquarters Hideouts and Guild Reward Changes

Headquarters boosters are no longer obtained at the end of the season; instead, each guild will always start with a booster. Guilds must still meet the Season Points threshold to use their booster. Using the booster, though, will now trigger a 90-day cooldown. These changes should make it much easier for new guilds to establish a Headquarters Hideout in the Outlands.

Open-World Objectives

Large open-world treasure chests will contain more valuable loot, but will spawn less frequently to make this content rarer, more desirable, and more competitive for groups.

Small open-world treasure chests will take three minutes to unlock instead of five, making it less likely that organized groups form and giving solo players a better chance to fight over them.

Additionally, Regular Chests will also be slightly more valuable overall, making these open-world objectives more rewarding for all players.

Crystal Spider Might Levels will be adjusted, with levels much easier to attain. As a result, each Crystal Spider will indirectly give significantly more Season Points, making them more attractive season objectives. Guild Levels for Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons will also be easier to reach, allowing guilds to progress faster through these activities.

Season Schedule Changes

This season will be one week shorter than most. However, the final three weeks of the season will offer triple Season Points from Territories and triple Might and Favor from Siphoning Mages.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Corrupted Dungeons: After defeating another player or getting banished, players will now be able to immediately enter a new dungeon or exit into the open world. This allows players who are interested purely in the PvP aspect of this content to directly start another invasion without needing to clear their own dungeon first.

Guild Season Rewards: In order to receive guild rewards, players must now again be a member of the qualifying guild for at least 75% of the season. Qualifying time spent with a guild will be easily visible in a new UI.

Unique Season Rewards

Players who gain enough Might will receive unique Avatar Sets, as well as the Ancient Ent and valuable Fame Buffs. Might is earned through a huge range of activities in the Conqueror's Challenge, and there are additional bracket rewards for guilds who reach at least Iron Rank. And as always, the season's number-one guild will become a permanent part of the world of Albion with their very own statue in Conquerors' Hall.

Watch the Season Kickoff Live

The season kickoff on Saturday, September 17 will be broadcast live on AlbionTV starting at 17:30 UTC, with hosts Shozen, Lewpac and Bogul bringing full coverage of Invasion Day.

At 18:00 UTC all territories will be reset for guilds to claim. Those in the North and South American time zones can tune in for the second round of territory resets on Sunday at 00:30 UTC, when hosts Shozen, Robinhoodrs and Tazzik cover the next round of invasions. All open-world fights are broadcast live with a 15-minute delay.

Check out AlbionTV's coverage of the last Invasion Day here:

For the complete Season 17 Schedule, see this forum post.

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