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The Rites of Spring are Back!

Explore the world, unlock chests, and raise a new, bad-tempered bunny companion.

April 6, 2023 at 10:55 PM by PrintsKaspian

Spring has sprung, and Albion’s most bold and brave are rushing across the lands. For they know that this is the time of year when special chests appear, containing seasonal objects and maybe even prized Spring Cottontail Eggs.

But this time a new type of egg has been discovered, one which has spelled trouble for more than one unfortunate adventurer…

Yes, the Rites of Spring are here for the next two weeks! And to mark the occasion, we’ve created a brand new video:

Ruthless Rabbits Released!

As with last year’s event, Spring Treasure Chests will appear in the open world, containing valuable items and - sometimes - a Vibrant Spring Cottontail Egg, which can be raised into the Spring Cottontail mount. This year, though, you might come across a darker, more sinister type of egg. By all means raise these too, but be careful - you’re about to unleash the Caerleon Cottontail!

This is a vengeful, vicious version of the Spring Cottontail. Like its cute cousin, it is a mount with a quick hop ability. But this one comes with other, more terrifying talents. If you manage to rear one, they will repay your trust and act as a loyal steed. Your enemies, on the other hand, won’t be so fortunate…

The Eerie Cottontail Egg is extremely rare - so get out there now and start ransacking those chests to find one!

Further Treasures Await

Along with these rare and valuable rewards, Colored Eggs are once again sprouting across the lands, containing chocolate, Surprise Eggs, and, very occasionally, Cottontail Eggs. Furthermore, all chests will be spawning at an increased rate for the next two weeks - so there’s abundant wealth to be found out there. And Albion’s vanity merchants will be hawking their seasonal wares once again, like the Eggsecutioner vanity weapon, “Bunny Stalker” Wardrobe items, and more.

The Rites of Spring runs until April 19 at 23:00 UTC on Albion East, and April 20 at 10:00 UTC on Albion West. So go and head out into the open world today and see what treasures await. Who knows, you might end up with a fierce new friend…

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