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Get 1,000 Gold per Founder Pack Referral

Big rewards are on offer this Referral Season!

February 1, 2023 at 9:46 AM by PrintsKaspian

A new Referral Season is upon us, and this time, you’ll get 1,000 Gold when a friend buys one of our Albion East Founder Packs

As before, you can still get 500 Gold when a referral buys Premium for the first time, but for Founder Packs this Gold reward will double. This is of course in addition to all the other rewards available in a Referral Season - so let your friends know and everyone will benefit!

And by the way, Founder packs will also work on Albion West. Once they become active, you can choose if you want to claim your Gold and Premium on Albion East or Albion West. Even better, Wardrobe and Mount Skin rewards will work on both servers at the same time, no matter where you initially claim them.

How to Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards

  • Send your referral link, which you can find here, to a friend. (You must be logged into your account on the website to view this page.)
  • Your friend creates an account and starts playing Albion Online (preferably along with you!).
  • The first time your friend purchases either an Albion East Founder Pack or at least 30 days of Premium, they will trigger a reward for you: 1,000 Gold for a Founder Pack, 500 Gold for Premium.
  • On top of that, for your very first referral ever, you'll receive a T8 Recruiter's Pile of Tomes, worth a massive 200,000 Fame.
  • And for your first referral of the season, you’ll receive a very special new mount skin…

Get the Frost Moose

In the depths of Albion’s long, cold winter, many animals hibernate, buried away with the fruits of the previous season’s gathering. But some keep on trucking, trudging through the elements, bravely ferrying wares across the lands to keep Albion’s economy running smoothly.

One such creature stands stoically above all: the famous Frost Moose. And until April 1, you can transform your Stag base mount into one of these cool-headed creatures by referring a single friend! With icicles hanging from its great antlers, it will carry you unflappably through the snow and freezing wind - and once you’ve unlocked it, it can do so for any character on your account.

This referral season lasts until maintenance on April 1, so refer a friend now and claim your rewards!

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