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The Priest Vanity Bundle is Here

Embody the forces of light with this brand-new costume and mount skin bundle.

September 16, 2022 at 10:36 AM by JudgeNutmeg

The new Priest Vanity Bundle is here! This premiere bundle is available in the ingame store, and includes a full costume set plus a matching Ethereal Horse Mount Skin for your Riding Horse base mount.

The bundle will imbue your character with a bright, ethereal aura to bring healing and strength to those who stand beside you. With ethereal white robes and a mystical glowing headpiece, you will bring courage to your allies and send the forces of darkness scattering in fear. The bundle also includes a skin for your Riding Horse base mount to transform it into the inspiring Ethereal Horse, a mythical mount from a higher realm that will transport you safely through Albion's darkest lands.

The Priest Bundle includes the following vanity skins, which work on male and female characters alike:

  • Priest's Hood
  • Priest's Robe
  • Priest's Boots
  • Priest's Cape
  • Ethereal Horse (Requires any Riding Horse base mount)

As with past bundles, you can use all costume and mount skins with all characters on your account, and they are never lost or destroyed. All items will be unlocked in the ingame "Appearance" menu after purchase.

Get this premiere bundle today and bring light to the lands of Albion!

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