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Player and Item Migration with the Queen Update

The world of Albion is changing - read on for important information.

December 12, 2019 at 1:04 PM by PrintsKaspian

The Queen update arrives on January 20, 2020. With this update, the Outlands will be completely reworked, and with very few exceptions, all territories and siege camps in the Royal Continent will be removed. We have put a number of measures in place to assist with this transition, but as there is the potential for item loss, please read the following changes carefully.

Migrating Players and Items

1. Players:

  • Players in the Outlands will be moved to the city with the portal closest to them. Even though the Caerleon portals will no longer exist, for this transfer, Caerleon is included among these cities.
  • Players in affected zones in the Royal continent (i.e. those that had territories or siege camps) will be moved to the nearest zone entrance.

2. Banks and Battlevaults:

  • All personal items in banks and battlevaults in the Outlands, or in a removed Royal Territory or Siege Camp, will be moved to the Royal City that is closest or has the closest portal.
  • Items in guild-controlled bank tabs in territories will be moved to the owning guild's Guild Island Bank.
  • Territory bank tabs (and their corresponding access rights) will be copied to the Guild Island Bank.
  • Items will not be transferred directly to a bank tab, but will instead be placed into special recovery tabs within the bank. These tabs work differently, in that items can be claimed from them, but they cannot be used as additional storage, and will disappear once empty.
  • Any Silver invested into tabs of deleted banks will not be refunded.
  • If the guild doesn't own a Guild Island, the items will be destroyed.

3. Islands:

  • Personal and guild islands will be movable during the month following the Queen update. This is currently slated for January 20 10:01 UTC to February 20 10:00 UTC.
  • Only islands created prior to the launch of the Queen update are eligible to be moved.
  • Islands moved during the last island move are still eligible to be moved once more after the Queen update.

4. Items that will NOT be moved:

  • Items currently for sale or in the completed tab of Marketplaces in Guild Home Territories will not be moved. This means that any items in Marketplaces in the Outlands when Queen goes live will be lost.
  • All furniture items in the Outlands, including placeable chests and all their contents, will not be moved and will be destroyed.
  • Farmable items left in territories will be destroyed.
  • Buildings left in territories, including farms and pastures, will be destroyed.

Amnesty for Low Reputations

With the changes to the Outlands, and particularly the destruction of the Caerleon Realmgate, movement restrictions due to reputation will be mitigated as follows:

  • Players below -15000 reputation will have their reputation adjusted to -15000 to allow movement within yellow and red zones.
  • However, as Caerleon will no longer have a Realmgate to the Outlands, if a Dreaded player enters Caerleon (after re-lowering their reputation in a neighboring red zone), their only options are to wait for their reputation to increase or fast travel to another city.

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