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Patch 5 Brings Black Market and Mobile Improvements

Today's patch brings improvements to the Black Market and the mobile version along with numerous bug fixes.

September 23, 2020 at 9:35 AM by PrintsKaspian

Today's patch brings numerous fixes and quality-of-life improvements to gameplay in Albion. Here's a bit of what's new:

Black Market: Persistent Crafting Info and Improved Performance

Items sold to the Black Market will now retain their "crafted by" info. This means that a great deal of item loot from mobs and in treasure chests will now show who originally crafted the item. In addition to helping active crafters make a name for themselves, persistent item info adds to the depth and continuity of Albion's ever-changing world. This patch also includes performance improvements to Black Market item distribution, correcting an issue where "split" party loot mode would sometimes not work when looting items.

A Dynamic "Hotkey" and Other Mobile Improvements

Starting with Patch 5, the mobile version includes an additional "Custom Button" next to the spellbar, with one fixed option ("Inspect") and four additional customizable buttons that can be set via the Settings menu. This button allows for everything from Autorun to party member selection to emotes, and is among the most-requested features for mobile devices. This button is still in the experimental stages, so give it a try and let us know your thoughts on our mobile forum.

Additional improvements include the ability to connect a mouse for desktop-style chat scrolling, the ability to send feedback and bug reports via a new UI, an "Increase Brightness" slider in Settings, and various bug fixes.

General Changes and Fixes

  • The health increase for Demonic Shards in Corrupted Dungeons that was intended for Patch 4 is now live.
  • The combat log now displays combat data for mounted players.
  • Repair Tables can once again be placed in Expeditions.
  • Maxed-out specialization nodes now display the correct item power bonus.

For the complete list of changes, please see the official patchnotes.

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