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The Nimue Update Arrives November 21!

On November 21, Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, goes live. Read on to see what's coming!

November 6, 2018 at 11:35 AM by PrintsKaspian

Nimue is coming! The fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online arrives November 21, bringing several major new features, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and various updates to creatures, combat, and the open-world experience.

Crystal Realm Battles

Enter the Crystal Realm and face off against other guilds in full-loot, 5v5 battles over valuable rewards and energy. With a huge number of daily battles and all participants receiving a proportional share of the loot, this system gives new GvG teams a chance at the spoils of guild warfare. It all takes place in the Crystal Realm, a new arena featuring a gorgeous art style imbued with light and color.

Party Finder, Guild Logo Updates, and Quality-of-Life Improvements

The Party Finder is an all-new lobby system that allows solo players, small groups, and guilds to create and join parties and participate in a broad range of open-world activities. And in addition to the ability to preview guild logos in various contexts and change them after creation, Nimue also brings numerous other quality-of-life improvements, including:

  • Prearranged parties remain after Arena / Expedition end
  • Keyboard shortcut to move items without stacking
  • Gear locking in duels
  • Guild account logs for currency transactions

New Creatures and Accessories

Guardian Aspects are smaller versions of the current Raid Guardians, which spawn randomly in the open world and offer an opportunity for smaller groups to earn valuable resources. And the five new Mob Faction capes (created with special crests dropped by elite mobs) complement diverse combat builds with unique passive spells such as:

  • Undead Cape: Invisibility (Escape / Utility)
  • Keeper Cape: Damage Increase (Bruiser / Tank)
  • Demon Cape: Lava Pool (DPS)

Other Additions and Changes

  • Reworked Farming and Furniture Placement - Farming and furniture placement have been streamlined, allowing you to place crops, herbs, animals, and furniture at the mouse cursor's position.
  • Improved NPCs and City Buildings - Numerous merchants and craftspeople have new character models, animation, and voiceovers, and city buildings have new lighting effects for improved nighttime visibility
  • Arena and Faction Outpost Improvements - These systems have been reworked to improve queuing and small-group experiences.
  • Additional Improvements - Nimue also brings Outlands resource rebalancing, numerous bug fixes and combat balancing updates, visual improvements throughout the open world, and much more.

For a detailed list of everything coming with Nimue, visit the update page.

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