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Into the Fray Arrives June 8

Albion’s forthcoming update brings reworked Magic Staffs, new Portal Towns in the Outlands, improvements to Castles, and much more.

May 18, 2022 at 9:51 AM by JudgeNutmeg

June 8 marks the launch of Albion’s newest content update: Into the Fray. This update brings significant changes for new and experienced players alike, with fully reworked Magic Staffs, improved Castles and Castle Outposts, and new Crystal League and Arena modes bringing broad improvements to combat. New Portal Towns smooth the experience of entering the Outlands, and Daily Events encourage players to broaden the scope of their gameplay and bring additional dynamics to Albion’s economy. With all of these features and more, Into the Fray will make Albion’s thriving world more accessible and engaging for every kind of player.

Join the Fight

A comprehensive rework of Magic Staffs breathes new life into this weapon line, with powerful visuals and animations alongside new and reworked spells. Castles and Castle Outposts have new graphics and layouts along with changes to their chests and timers, making fights more immersive, unpredictable, and competitive. A new, ranked Arena mode - the Crystal Arena - offers players a way to hone their 5v5 skills in a competitive but accessible setting, with the promise of lucrative rewards as they progress, and a non-lethal Crystal League now runs alongside the full-loot League.

A World of Riches Within Reach

New Portal Towns in the Outlands act as extensions of the Royal Cities, with Bank and Marketplace access along with visually reworked Invisibility Shrines. Resources have received a graphical overhaul, with increased distinction between tiers and enchantment levels and greater readability within their environments, making gathering easier and more enticing. New Daily Events offer bonuses on a wide range of activities, encouraging players to diversify their gameplay and adding new dynamics to Albion’s economy.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

A new Activities UI provides a convenient overview of all ongoing events. Victory Emotes allow players to mark kills with a visual flourish, while Twitch Drops are now available to the community. Lost Equipment Loadouts give players an easy way to regear after death, facilitating a quick return to the action. A new Journey Back ability helps cut down on long travel times, Gathering Tomes offer additional gathering Fame, and Training Dummies are available on Player Islands for combat practice.

For more details on what’s coming with Into the Fray, check out the official update page:


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