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Hector Update is Live Now!

Hector has hit the live server, bringing an abundance of new content. Find out more here!

June 7, 2017 at 1:00 PM by Enya

Hector, the final content update for Albion Online’s beta, has now been deployed on the live server. Discover the Black Market, new Hellgates, Realmgate to the Outlands and much, much more!

Why not watch the update trailer for a glance at what this update has in store?

Hector is the launch-version of the game. This means that between now and launch we will focus on fixing bugs and ironing out kinks to make sure Albion Online is ready to be released on July 17, 2017.

What’s New?

Want to know more about today’s update? Pay a visit to the Hector update page or find the complete changelogs here.

The Black Market

The Black Market is here, bringing player-crafted equipment drops to Albion Online. This shady merchant can be found in Caerleon, who purchases equipment from crafters and redistributes it to the mobs and chests of Albion, which then drop the items to players. His demand is completely based on how many mobs are killed in the world of Albion, ensuring it does not clash with the player-driven market and economy.

New Hellgates

The Hellgates have received a complete make-over, including a new pentagram-shaped map, minibosses and other new mechanics. On top of that, we have also added three difficulties: Ashen Hellgates (safe zones), Ignited Hellgates (yellow zones), and Infernal Hellgates (red and black zones).

Major Outlands Improvements

The black zones of Albion are undergoing several changes to make them more accessible and attractive to guilds and players with and without a territory.

We have removed the harbors and black zone cities, instead a magnificent Realmgate has appeared in Caerleon that players can use to travel to the Outlands and back. Resource distribution has also been adjusted, with black zones having higher enchantment rates. Watchtower territories in the black zones will now also be the only place to find Tier 8.

…and much more!

From new mounts to Destiny Board UI improvements, Hector packs quite a punch. Learn more on the update page and log in to start exploring Hector yourself!

As we are getting very close to the official release, stay tuned for more details regarding the launch of Albion Online in the upcoming weeks.

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