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The Grim Challenge Starts Today!

The second Adventurer's Challenge brings exclusive rewards all month long, plus some new twists. Read on to see what's coming!

November 1, 2018 at 11:05 AM by PrintsKaspian

With Halloween over, darkness has fallen over Albion... and with the new month comes a new Adventurer's Challenge! For all of November, take the Grim Challenge and claim a piece of the darkness for yourself. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your own unique plague-themed mount to sow fear and confusion among your foes.

Pestilential Prizes For Intrepid Adventurers

NEW MOUNT: November's Grim Challenge introduces the Pest Lizard, a fast-moving mount with two different poison-based attacks that confuse and disorient enemies. (Note: while they are not officially battle mounts, Pest Lizards cannot be used in GvGs due to their unique poison spells.)

NEW AVATAR BORDER: This month, reach your goals to win the Grim Challenge 2018 avatar border, a thematic decoration that will grimly frame your avatar for all eternity. This non-tradable item permanently unlocks this exclusive avatar border for one character.

SEASONAL SPECIALS: Unlock Grim Challenge chests to get a mix of classic and new vanity items. We're bringing back a classic costume set that matches the pestilential theme, and introducing two new furniture items sure to bring menace and gloom to even the cheeriest setting.

Updated Points and Rewards - Farmers Rejoice!

Starting this month, Fame earned through farming now gives Challenge Points as well! Now you can earn points through PvE, gathering, fishing, and farming as you work toward weekly and monthly rewards. The formula for earning points has also been adjusted to bring high-end and low-end Fame values closer together, and the daily bonus has been increased to reward regular play. And as an added bonus, you'll now have a chance of getting City Heart resources with each chest you open.

And finally, with the start of this second challenge, the UI has been updated to show all past challenges. You can now view previous months' challenges via tabs in the Adventurer's Challenge UI, so if you've unlocked something in a past month but never claimed it, your rewards are safe.

Log in now to earn Challenge Points and unlock these exclusive rewards!

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