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The Final Crystal League Championship is Coming

The last edition of Albion’s PvP tournament takes place September 16-17.

August 28, 2023 at 10:36 AM by JudgeNutmeg

The Crystal League Championship is coming September 16-17, and as always, there are big prizes up for grabs! But this will be a bittersweet event, as unfortunately this will be Albion’s last CLC. Read on for more info…

Crystal League Changes

We’ve seen some fantastic moments in these tournaments, and we truly appreciate the passion and joy with which our players took part. But it’s time to move forward, and following this tournament the Lethal Crystal League will be removed from the game altogether. Furthermore, the Crystal League will no longer grant Season Points from the beginning of next season, in order to place a greater emphasis on other guild activities.

While this is of course a big change for our Crystal League players, we trust that our community can stage their own exciting tournaments and perhaps other competitive formats, and we’ll support Custom Matches with a new Observer Mode to encourage this.

In the meantime, let’s look ahead to what’s sure to be another exciting Crystal League Championship, and send it off with a bang!

Times and Prizes

The tournament will take place at the following times on each server:

  • Albion East: September 16 at 10:00 UTC
  • Albion West: September 17 at 17:00 UTC

The following prizes are available to each member of the top four teams in each tournament:

  • First place: Saber Tiger Rex Swiftclaw skin and 10,000 Gold
  • Second place: Recruiter’s White Tiger Swiftclaw skin and 5,000 Gold
  • Third place: Recruiter’s Giant Frog mount and 5,000 Gold
  • Fourth place: Occult Cougar Swiftclaw skin and 5,000 Gold


This edition of the CLC sees a few changes from the previous one:

  • A team must have five consistent players to earn points; so, any changed line-ups during the season count as a separate team with its own points. (Note: during the tournament, substitutes are still permitted).
  • This time, the top six Non-Lethal and top two Lethal Crystal League teams on each server will qualify.
  • To make the tournament progress faster, teams now have one minute to accept their match invitation, or they will receive a strike

Watch Live on AlbionTV

And of course, you can tune in to see the final edition of the CLC on AlbionTV across the weekend! Hosts Shozen, Lewpac, and Tazzik will be bringing you live coverage of the tournaments on Albion East and West, from 10:00 UTC on September 16 and from 17:00 UTC on September 17. And as always, the champions will be crowned and receive their prizes at a ceremony after the event.

We hope you join us for what’s sure to be an emotional but unforgettable event. Keep an eye on the forum for updates, and we’ll see you for the tournament!

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