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New Update Faye is Now Live!

Faye has hit the live server, bringing a plethora of new content and changes. Find out more here!

November 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM by Enya

We are happy to announce that the latest content update, Faye, has now been deployed to the Albion live server. Containing a mix of new content, balance changes and general improvements, Faye has something for everyone.

Check out the Faye update trailer below to see what’s in store!

What’s New?

No time to log in and play just yet? Here is a short overview of what you can expect to see.

New Biome: Forest

Discover the latest biome: the mythical forests, a place deeply engraved with Albion’s ancient magic. You will find plenty of Wood, Hide mobs and even some Rock in this new biome, but beware of the Forest Spirits that roam between the trees.

Read more about the forests here.

Royal Guild Warfare

Is your guild not quite ready for the Outlands and its dangerous black zones? You can now fight for Watchtower Territories in both the yellow and red zones of the Royal Continents!

Watchtower Territory mechanics are being slightly adjusted for the entire world of Albion. Only members of the occupying guild will be able to gather resources in the territory, and they will receive additional yield bonus for doing so.


We have added a total of ten player animations in the form of emotes. You can now make your character cry, laugh, dance, and more! Type /applaud, /beg, /bow, /cheer, /cry, /dance, /flex, /laugh, /salute or /wave to activate the respective emote.

Need an overview of all possible actions in game? Simply type /emotes in the chat and you will get a list of all available emotes.

Background Music and Ambiance

Crank up the volume! The official Albion Online soundtrack has been added to the game. Feast your ears on 19 unique tracks, ranging from triumph horns in the city to ominous percussion in the Hell Gates.

On top of that, we have revamped the Albion Online sound engine and used it to add several ambient sounds. Thanks to these changes, it will be much easier for us to add sound effects, so you can expect more in the future, making the world feel more alive than ever before.

Persistent Mounts

A new feature has been added to mounts: temporary dismount.

When (voluntarily) dismounting, your mount remains in the world and continues to provide you with its load bonus, and allows you to quickly re-mount. If you get knocked off your mount by an opponent, or you're attacked while unmounted, your mount will make a swift exit!

Read more about the mount changes here.

… And More!

Faye has a lot more to offer than what’s listed above, such as the introduction of Essences, Guard Towers and new spells. You can find out everything you need to know on the Faye update page.

Craving for more details and specific numbers? Check out the Faye update changelogs here.

Let us know what you think of Faye in the comments below!

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