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Dev Talk: War Gloves and Elite Levels

Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Director Robin Henkys introduce two new features coming with the next update.

November 22, 2021 at 12:45 PM by JudgeNutmeg

The Lands Awakened update on November 24 brings exciting developments to combat in Albion Online. In this Dev Talk, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Director Robin Henkys introduce two major new features: the War Gloves weapon line and Elite Levels.

Read on for a written summary...

War Gloves

  • An entirely new brawler weapon line on the Warrior Weapons tree
  • Three new base weapons
  • Four new artifact weapons
  • Allow various attack combos

War Gloves have a great deal of build versatility, giving players a variety of outplay possibilities and interesting decisions to make. They have one more Q slot ability than other weapons, allowing build flexibility for different situations.

Here’s a look at just some of their abilities:

  • Triple Kick
    • W-ability
    • Fly towards the enemy, performing three kicks in the air
    • Can be aimed close, or at a distance for extra mobility
    • Can drag one enemy player with you

  • Blazing Geyser
    • E-ability of Battle Bracers
    • An explosion in front of you, dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air
    • Hitting one enemy resets Q-slot cooldown
    • Well-suited to building combos

  • Purifying Combination
    • Three-part combo
      • Roundhouse Kick knocks enemies away
      • Dive Kick with jump knocks enemies into the air
      • Purifying Fist deals massive damage
      • Can be combined with other abilities between each attack
  • Some other new abilities:
    • Cross Step and Aggressive Burst suited to an auto-attack style
    • Infernal Boulder
      • Combined with Triple Kick, can make all three Boulder hits land on one player

New weapon lines for Hunter and Mage are also being worked on for future updates, so stay tuned.

Elite Levels

Lands Awakened brings significantly increased Fame rewards across the game, which players can use to progress with their weapon specializations. As a further Fame objective for veteran players, the Destiny Board has also been expanded with Elite Levels:

  • These allow combat specializations to reach level 120
  • Can be unlocked with Fame credits and Silver
  • Increase maximum possible specialization bonuses by 60 points of Item Power
  • New badges appear on equipped items, indicating the level of specialization achieved

Remember, Lands Awakened launches on November 24, and soon after that we’ll have a final Dev Talk where we show some big UI improvements to Loadouts, farming, and party invites.

Thanks for watching!

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