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Albion Online Dev Talk - Roaming Mobs & Luxury Goods

Game Director Robin Henkys details two upcoming features that will bring new depth and complexity to Albion's open world.

February 7, 2018 at 12:25 PM by PrintsKaspian

In our forthcoming Lancelot update, one of our goals is to strengthen open-world exploration, particularly for solo players and small groups. To this end, we're introducing two new features: roaming mobs and luxury goods. In this video, Robin discusses these new features in detail:

Here's a brief summary of his talking points:

1. Roaming Mobs

What are roaming mobs?

With the Lancelot update, the NPC factions in Albion will become much more active in the open world: instead of being confined only to camps, their scouts, minions, and elites will now spawn throughout the open world. These "roaming mobs" are designed to be defeated by solo players or small groups, and those willing to brave the open world to find them will get overall higher rewards than those found in Expeditions. These mobs will vary in rarity and difficulty, from basic scouts to powerful bosses that offer huge amounts of fame and silver. 

While designing this feature, we took great care to balance the aggro ranges and follow distances of these mobs to ensure that, for the most part, they wouldn't impede open-world travel and gathering for those not interested in fighting them.

What is their purpose?

Roaming mobs will add new dimensions to Albion's open world: in addition to providing new and more varied PvE opportunities, they will also lead to more 1v1 encounters, as gatherers and "mob hunters" cross paths. For group players, roaming mobs also offer a rewarding activity between fights or while waiting for friends to come online. 

Lastly, they will be a particularly good way to acquire a brand-new type of item: luxury goods.

2. Luxury Goods

What are luxury goods?

Luxury goods are special items dropped by mobs, consisting of 18 different antiquities from Albion's past. Due to their historical value, they are highly sought after by collectors in different cities. While they cannot be used by players directly, each of these treasures can be sold at a fixed price in a particular city's marketplace: for example, those classified as Ritual Items can always be sold for a high price in Caerleon. Different item types will be attached to different cities, leading to a decentralized secondary economy built around these goods. Additionally, each category will contain common, rare, and very rare items, with values that increase accordingly.

Since all types of luxury goods are dropped by all mobs independent of their location, many of these items will have to be transported long distances to be sold. As their weight will often make them too expensive to be transported to their ultimate destinations via fast travel, making a profit will require transporting them through the open world.

What is their purpose?

First, by altering mob drops to include these items, we can vary the rewards gained by killing mobs in a much more interesting way than simply randomizing the quantities of Silver dropped.

Second, the fact that luxury goods need to be transported to a target destination will do the following:

  • open up new trade and transport opportunities for players willing to buy them at a lower price in a non-destination city and transport them to their destination
  • add a new dimension to Albion's economy, with the relative value of a luxury item in a given location determined (as always) by the collective activity of all players
  • provide new PvP opportunities for those looking to kill and loot players transporting them

Overall, we believe that luxury goods will add an interesting new layer to Albion's transport and trade systems, and we look forward to seeing how these items will affect the in-game economy once players take control of them.

That's it for today – stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Lancelot update in the coming weeks!

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