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Albion Online Dev Talk - New Hellgates & Combat Changes

In our new Dev Talk, Game Designer Michael Schwahn talks about some new features and combat changes coming with the Lancelot update.

February 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM by PrintsKaspian

Our third major content update, Lancelot, arrives March 12. In this video, Game Designer Michael Schwahn goes into more detail about some upcoming changes to PvP combat: 

No time to watch? Here's a written summary of his discussion:

New Hellgates

Lancelot will introduce a new type of Hellgate to the game: small 2-player Hellgates in red and black zones that offer full-loot PvP and no item power level cap, offering the full hardcore Hellgate experience for smaller groups.

To simplify the naming system, Hellgates are now defined as follows: 

  • Lesser Hellgates: smaller 2v2 map, regardless of zone or difficulty
  • Greater Hellgates: larger 5v5 map, regardless of zone or difficulty

New Artifact Armors

Lancelot will introduce Level 3 Artifact Armors to complete the Level 3 sets already in the game. These include plate, leather, and cloth with three items each (feet, body, head). Each piece has a unique spell, for a total of nine new unique items and spells.

These new spells have a wide range of properties: some are offensive, some defensive, some utility-based. For example, the plate helmet spell "Electric Discharge" unleashes a shockwave that stuns all targets for a short time and interrupts spell channelings.

Battle Mounts

Currently, battle mounts have two main problems: first, they make ganking newer players too easy, shutting these players out of large parts of the world. Second, in big fights, bringing numerous versions of the same mount gives a big advantage.

With Lancelot, the amount of direct damage battle mounts do will be reduced, and they will mainly offer debuffs and support for unmounted troops, limiting their ability to gank players in the open world. Second,, their attack radius and debuff duration will increase, meaning one battle mount is sufficient to cover a whole enemy team. This will make each additional mount of the same type increasingly redundant in big fights. Together, these updates will make battle mounts truer to our original concept for them.

Finally, to make battle mounts more affordable for individuals and smaller guilds, we're introducing the Siege Ballista, a new mount with similar design to other battle mounts (support role, large attack radius, long debuffs).

Combat Balance Changes

The major theme for combat balance in Lancelot is to bring various weapons like Nature Staffs, bows and maces back into the 5v5 meta. We also want to tone down some of the Artifact Weapons that have gotten overpowered, such as the Blazing Staff. There will also be various other small changes including numerous quality of life improvements (better animations and effects, etc). 

Additionally, killing mobs now returns a tiny amount of energy to the player, which helps improve the fluidity of solo farming by decreasing wait time between fights.

That's all for now - stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks!

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