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Albion Online Dev Talk - Future Roadmap

Game Director Robin Henkys sheds light on the future of Albion Online’s development.

December 22, 2017 at 2:00 PM by Ventium

Fishing, siege engines, guild quality of life improvements - some of the things on our roadmap that our Game Director covers in our new Dev Talk. Watch and listen to him here:

If  you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s a short summary of his talking points:


Fishing is the first major change to Albion Online’s economy. Soon, it will be possible to fish from any body of water (ocean, river, lake). If you hook something, you will have to beat a minigame, its difficulty varying depending on the nature of your catch (there is also a chance your catch will be of… non-fish nature). Fish will be a consumable resource that can be used, for instance, in cooked meals. Fishing will be one of the major additions to look forward to in the next update.

Siege Engines

We are still experimenting with them and the direction we want them to take, but you might see a few of them in the next update. They will allow you to break open static defenses such as war camps or castles, and will come into play in our ideas to let guild build their own defensive structures in the open world.

Season Improvements

Since the start of GvG seasons with Kay, we have been looking at how it developed and taking ideas for improvements.The main improvement for season 2 we’re aiming for will be the introduction of the imposter system, that will allow you to kill an enemy’s Siphoning Mage and place your own instead in enemy territory.


You will be able to wear costumes on top of your armor and gear. For PvP situations, there will be an option to disable costumes so that you can read the enemy’s equipment in one glance as usual.

Solo PvE

We will introduce roaming mobs in the open world. They have a high value in fame and Silver, and will encourage you to go solo in the open world to hunt them down, possibly running into 1v1 situations with other players.

Guild Quality of Life Improvements

We are introducing container content logging: if anyone places anything in or takes anything out of a guild’s container, it will be visible to guild leaders and other people with the appropriate access rights. We are also setting up guild banks, which will allow you to set up tabs and manage your guild’s inventory more easily. Finally, we are re-working access management: you will be able to create your own access rights with a tags system and customize your entire guild’s hierarchy.

It's possible that not all these changes will make it into the next update, but we look forward to showing you all of these ideas and more!

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