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Albion Online Dev Talk - Fishing

In our latest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys sheds some light on the upcoming fishing system.

March 6, 2018 at 2:19 PM by PrintsKaspian

Albion Online's Lancelot update goes live on March 12, bringing one of the most anticipated features since launch: fishing. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys goes into detail about this new system:

No time to watch? Here's a written summary of his discussion:

Main Goals

In addition to being a key feature of the Lancelot update, fishing is the first major economic addition to the world of Albion. We set out to achieve 3 major goals:

  • First, to add a fun new activity available to everyone.
  • Second, to integrate this activity into Albion's economy and create interesting economic choices.
  • Third, to add depth for players who choose to spend the time to engage with fishing.


To make fishing fun, we designed it exactly as we would want to play it:

  • You can fish anywhere with sufficient water.
  • Aiming and casting require a small amount of skill.
  • Hooking a fish is not enough - you also have to reel it in, which plays out in a minigame that requires managing the tension on the line:
    • Too little tension and the fish will escape;
    • Too much tension and the line will snap.
  • We also took sufficient time to add animations, sounds, VFX, and lots of different fish to be caught, to make fishing feel immersive.
  • On top of that, we made sure that fishing feels different in different locations. Fish are different for freshwater and saltwater, some fish can only be caught in certain biomes, and you can occasionally hook a black market item, a treasure, or other items, which adds an element of surprise.

Fishing also has a more serious economic side:


To integrate fishing into Albion's economy, there are two primary uses for fish: enchanting food and cooking rare meals.

  • In order to use them for food enchanting, fish are chopped up and then cooked into fish sauce, which can be added to any food during the crafting process.
  • The higher you want to enchant the food, the better the fish sauce needs to be and the more fish you'll need - higher enchantments come with diminishing returns, so you'll have to decide for yourself how much enchantment is worth it.
  • Not all fish are ideal for sauce: while rare fish can be chopped up, you'll also want to consider using them in one of 6 new rare recipes. Each of these requires a single rare fish, as well as secondary ingredients from farming.
  • Rare recipes improve upon basic ones with additional powerful effects, but their supply is limited by the number of rare fish caught.
  • Fish will always have a purpose outside of cooking or selling: consuming a raw fish not only gives a small buff, but also grants some fishing fame, helping speed up your fishing progression. This is ideal for players not interested in cooking or selling fish, and should keep fish from flooding the markets.
  • Finally, we made sure fishing is a limited-supply activity, just like all resource production activities in Albion. Players will have to keep moving, as spots can be emptied out by overfishing.


To add sufficient depth to the system, we've integrated all the systems you would expect:

  • There is a Destiny Board path with a relatively smooth unlock progression and a longer specialization bonus progression.
  • There are fishing laborers and fishing journals for your house.
  • There is fishing gear with some unique abilities and bonuses for fishing.
  • There's even a massive boss fish that can be crafted into a trophy.

There's lots more we intend to do with fishing in the future, but that covers our plans for this update. We look forward to seeing you fishing on the shores of Albion when Lancelot launches on March 12!

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