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Albion Online Dev Talk - Battle Mounts & Artifacts

Game Designer Michael Schwahn talks you through the additions Kay brings in terms of fancy new PvP equipment and Meta.

November 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM by Talion

Michael Schwahn, the Game Designer responsible for PvP and its balancing, gives an outlook on what to expect for Kay. There are additions ahead that will bring a whole new layer to fights between larger groups with Battle Mounts and new Artifact weapons. Watch what will change here:

If you don’t have time to watch the video right now, here is a summary:

Battle Mounts 

With the performance improvements coming with Kay, we have thought about how we can make group and large-scale PvP even more exciting. Upcoming seasonal rewards will include Battle Mounts that add an additional layer to the combat strategy, as they allow mounted battle.

When engaging in large scale clashes in the open world, players can field three new armored Battle Mounts to accompany their group. Each of them have their strengths within these group scenarios.These are no ordinary mounts, but will have the power to activate spells. They can provide buffs to the allied players around them - or debuff the enemy and make it easier for your group to fight them.

The three new mounts

Command Mammoth

  • Big tank with lots of hit points; difficult to take down
  • Strong shield or damage Aura for nearby players.
  • Its direct knockback attack is fairly weak

Flame Basilisk

  • Swamp Dragon that acts as an artillery
  • Deals fire-based AoE damage; sets enemies on fire
  • Deals percentage based damage, thus strong against mammoth

Venom Basilisk

  • Armored, poison-spitting Basilisk
  • Can weaken opponents attack power or armor
  • Agile and can easily dive between enemy lines

New Artifact Weapons

Additionally, we are introducing rare Artifact Level 3 weapons - one new weapon for each weapon type. These powerful tools have been designed to assist players while in group combat in the open world. 
Obtainable through avenues like castles, raid bosses, and Hellgates, these new weapons will deliver exciting new spells. 
The Camlan Mace, for example, has the ability to pull opponents into a black hole. The Blazing Staff unleashes a mighty flame tornado, and the Bow of Badon creates an electrified arrow that on hit creates a storm cloud which stuns enemies.


These are just some of the new features that we will be rolling out in the Kay Update. With these new features we aim to add new layers of depth to pvp battles and enhance the player experience overall. Players can also expect more spells and multiple combat balance adjustments. 
In our next dev talk video we will explain more about how these items can be sourced and crafted as we talk about the upcoming seasonal GvG content and invasions. 

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