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The Albion East Closed Beta is Here!

Get a Founder Pack, join this unique event, and unlock exclusive items.

February 20, 2023 at 10:53 AM by PrintsKaspian

The Albion East Closed Beta is now underway! This special, one-of-a-kind event offers a fresh version of the world of Albion with a reduced world size, where all participants can earn unique, valuable rewards.

If you missed it, the newest Dev Talk from Game Director Robin Henkys gives a good overview. He discusses what to expect from the Albion East server and the Closed Beta, gives a rundown of the unique rewards and unlocks you can earn, and discusses how the world will be unlocked gradually over the course of both the Beta and the full launch.

And remember, everyone who gets a Founder Pack and joins the Beta will also get the new premiere Vanity Bundle, the Arcanist, unlocked for free on both servers before it officially goes on sale!

A Unique Three-Week Guild Season

For the duration of Albion East's beta, a unique Beta Guild Season will let players experience an intense, condensed three-week season. The Beta Season has much faster progression, to allow players to test out as many features and gameplay options as possible.

This progression buff is automatic for all players, and grants the following:

  • +100% Fame from gathering, farming, and PvE
  • +200% Resources from gathering and fishing
  • +200% Silver from mobs
  • Resource weight reduced by 66%
  • All characters start with 2000 Learning Points

Note: This boost is active only during the beta, and only on the Albion East server.

Earn Permanent Rewards

While normal Guild Season rewards unlocked via the Conqueror's Challenge will only be available during the beta, and will not persist after the server is reset at beta end, top-ranking guilds, along with players who make sufficient progress during the season, can unlock unique rewards that persist even after the beta ends.

Guild Rewards

Custom Guild Logos: The five guilds with the highest ranking at the end of the season will each get a unique custom guild logo, created in collaboration with our art team. These logos will then be added to the game after the beta and become permanently available to guilds on both servers.

Custom Season Statue: The season’s top guild will get a unique custom guild statue, which will be permanently placed in Albion East's open world for all to see. The second- and third-place guilds will also receive non-custom statues in the open world.

Personal Rewards

Unique Placeable Statues: During the beta, each player can unlock up to three unique placeable Statue items that they can claim on Albion East or West after the beta ends. Statues are unlocked once per account, and are earned for the following activities (with only the highest-tier statue given for each activity):

PvE Statue:

  • Bronze: Reach 500,000 PvE Fame during beta
  • Silver: Be in the top 30% of the Bronze group
  • Gold: Be in the top 10% of the Bronze group

Gathering Statue:

  • Bronze: Reach 150,000 Gathering Fame during beta
  • Silver: Be in the top 30% of the Bronze group
  • Gold: Be in the top 10% of the Bronze group

Trader Statue:

  • Bronze: Possess 300,000 Silver at the end of beta
  • Silver: Be in the top 30% of the Bronze group
  • Gold: Be in the top 10% of the Bronze group

For the complete season schedule, see this forum post.

Get a Founder Pack today and secure your spot in the Closed Beta along with early access to the live server:


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