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Content Update Brutus is Live

With our Brutus Update released, we want to highlight a few select features a little more.

January 26, 2016 at 4:10 PM by Christoph

After the decision to extend the Beta test, our entire production team has been in numerous workshops throughout January to elaborate on the development roadmap. Everyone is set on their short- and long-term goals. With this clear path in mind, we will bring Albion Online forward and deliver an exciting and entertaining experience. Our January Update brings again a lot of changes and additions to the world of Albion.

Quality of Life

First up is another wave of Quality of Life features, making your adventurer life in Albion easier or simply more convenient. One of the most requested simplifications is the ability to patch up your gear after a hard day of fighting. The new repair all button can and will help you with that.

Afterwards, you can safely store it away in your bank vault – which has been upgraded with new buttons to sort your equipment – and to automatically stack your resources. When you want to head back out in the field, you can just click the all-new Quick Equip button, which will put your gear on in no time. Or, if you want to do it by yourself, you can just drag and drop items on the paperdoll in the inventory. And putting things from the inventory into your bank also goes faster – shift-clicking is a thing now. Press Shift + click the left mouse button to move items from your inventory to your bank, or vice versa. Or from a loot bag to your inventory.

Once you’re geared up again, head back out into the wild with your friends – of which you can now keep track with the new friends list. This gives a needed boost to the socializing side of Albion – just like the possibility to now limit access to your guild’s belongings depending on the guild members‘ rank. No more recruits running off with your precious GvG gear... More tools for managing your guild’s roster will follow later.

A bit more on the technical side is the addition of VSync to all graphic quality levels of the game to smoothen the look and feel of the game.

User Interface

As you are aware, we have started to overhaul the game’s User Interface. The first step of this long-term process can be seen in Brutus – a UI that’s directly tailored for PC users.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to that, we will give you something shiny (in the literal sense of the word) to keep track of where your spells and abilities are going. Spell targeting indicators incoming:

That is but one step in our ongoing effort to improve the UI experience across all platforms. Stay tuned for more additions and modifications in the future.


Producing new playable content is something we always do. While our programmers work on new features and improvements, some of the game and level designers ensure that you get new playgrounds to play on. In our last update, Aurelius, this was a new set of dungeons for the Keepers.

Brutus is built around the Undead-theme. It will bring two new Dungeon types: the Sunken City and the Cryp“. Both will feature our new gateway concept, where certain mobs, on their death, spawn the entrance to a deeper and even more dangerous dungeon, sending you and your friends on a challenging PvE adventure.

Naturally, with new dungeons come new threats. Two new mob types try to stop you before you reach their masters: Ghouls and Cursed Skeletons. Be careful though. Those skeletons leave you a surprise when dying. If you best them, you will encounter their masters at the end of the dungeon – the new boss mobs: the Governor and the Necromancer.

In the deepest dungeons a new danger lurks – the Harvester of Souls. It awaits in the Reaping Pit deep below Harrowdelve and just waits for groups of ten or more players foolish enough to stumble into his domain.

But we are not content with „just“ bringing you new dungeons and improving on them. In the background, we are working on several large additions to our game. For the Player versus Environment part of the game, we have a unique system of expeditions planned, that will take you into special areas where rare and valuable loot awaits. More on those expeditions will follow as they are nearing release.

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