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Basic Builds: Spear

Our latest guide looks at this hunter weapon.

May 19, 2023 at 1:46 PM by Hellements

Welcome to another of our Basic Builds guides for beginner-to-intermediate players. Each guide presents a suggested build and describes how its abilities work in tandem. You can try these out as-is, or use them as a starting point to create new builds of your own.


This build showcases the regular Spear, a hunter weapon known for its consistent damage, high mobility, and crowd control abilities.

Here’s the full breakdown!

Equipment and Skills Used

Adept’s Spear

  • Lunging Strike
    • A piercing attack that deals damage in a line in front of you while slowing enemies hit by 10%. It also applies a Spirit Spear charge to you, increasing your auto-attack damage.
  • Forest of Spears
    • An ability that can be channeled for up to 2.1 seconds, dealing damage in a cone in front of you every 0.3 seconds.
  • Reckless Charge
    • Your main ability lets you dash towards a targeted position, throwing all enemies you pass through into the air. Deals damage based on the amount of Spirit Spear charges on you, consuming them in the process.

Adept’s Mage Cowl

  • Firebreath
    • Your Cowl has an offensive spell that briefly ignites enemies in a small cone in front of you

Adept’s Mercenary Jacket

  • Bloodlust
    • This jacket's active ability allows you to regain some health every time you auto-attack or cast a damage spell

Adept’s Soldier Boots

  • Rejuvenating Sprint
    • Your shoes’ active ability is a sprint that also heals you slightly

Adept’s Torch: Passively increases attack speed and reduces cooldowns

Adept’s Bag: Increases carry weight capacity

Adept’s Cape: Increases Energy and passive Energy Regeneration

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts damage-over-time effect on targets and decreases their resistances for its duration

Roast Pork: Recovers health based on the damage you deal

Journeyman’s Riding Horse: Brings you swiftly across the map while adding more carrying capacity

Pros and Cons


  • Main ability has high mobility and crowd control
  • Powerful auto-attacks
  • Good clear speed
  • Good sustain through from food and other equipment
  • Viable build for 1v1 and dueling
  • Affordable


  • Most situational W-abilities unlock at higher levels
  • Not suited to large-scale fights


  • Your Q-ability hits enemies in a line in front of you, dealing direct damage and applying a Spirit Spear charge (up to a total of three). It has a very short cooldown, so can be used multiple times during a fight.
  • Spirit Spear charges increase your auto-attack damage, which also heal you a decent amount if using the “Life Leech” passive.
  • The W-ability repeatedly deals damage in front of you while being channeled. It has up to 8 damage instances, making it very strong in combination with the Mercenary Jacket’s “Bloodlust” ability.
  • Your main ability is a long-range dash that throws all enemies it passes through into the air while dealing damage based on the amount of active Spirit Spear charges. Using the ability consumes these charges. This ability is very useful to interrupt enemy spells, reposition yourself, or escape a fight.
  • The cowl has an additional damage spell that lets you take down groups of enemies quicker.
  • The jacket can be used to regain health. It’s best used in combination with your W-ability but can also be triggered quickly when fighting a group of enemies with your Q-ability.
  • Your boots have a sprint ability that regains a small portion of health quickly while also providing increased speed.
  • An enemy encounter should look something like this:
    • Use your Q to start the fight and gain Spirit Spear charges.
    • Use auto-attacks on the main target(s).
    • Use your E to cancel or dodge an enemy spell.
    • Use your W if you’re in a safe spot or in combination with your jacket to quickly heal up.

That's it for this week - stay tuned for more Basic Builds guides coming soon!

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