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Basic Builds: Dual Swords

Check out our suggested build for this two-handed weapon.

June 2, 2023 at 9:41 AM by Hellements

Welcome to another of our Basic Builds guides for beginner-to-intermediate players. Each guide presents a suggested build and describes how its abilities work in tandem. You can try these out as-is, or use them as a starting point to create new builds of your own.


This build features the Dual Swords, a two-handed warrior weapon with high mobility that deals consistent damage and Heroic Charges.

Here’s the full breakdown!

Equipment and Skills Used

Adept’s Dual Swords

  • Heroic Strike/Heroic Cleave
    • You can choose between two spells for your Q slot, one for single targets and one for area damage. Both apply Heroic Charges to you.
  • Blade Cyclone
    • You spin in a targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies you pass through. If at least one Heroic Charge is active it deals more damage while consuming one charge.
  • Spinning Blades
    • Your main ability performs a dash in a targeted direction, becoming immune to crowd control effects until impact. it deals damage on impact and increases your attack speed and auto-attack damage for three seconds if at least one enemy is hit.

Adept’s Mage Cowl

  • Firebreath
    • Your Cowl has an offensive spell that briefly ignites enemies in a small cone in front of you

Adept’s Mercenary Jacket

  • Bloodlust
    • This jacket's active ability allows you to regain some health every time you auto-attack or cast a damage spell

Adept’s Soldier Boots

  • Rejuvenating Sprint
    • Your shoes’ active ability is a sprint that also heals you slightly

Adept’s Bag: Increases carry weight capacity

Adept’s Cape: Increases Energy and passive Energy Regeneration

Minor Poison Potion: Inflicts damage-over-time effect on targets and decreases their resistances for its duration

Roast Pork: Recovers health based on the damage you deal

Journeyman’s Riding Horse: Brings you swiftly across the map while adding more carrying capacity

Pros and Cons


  • Very high mobility
  • Lots of buffs that enhance your basic attacks and abilities
  • Good clear speed
  • Viable build for 1v1 and dueling
  • Affordable


  • Most situational W-abilities unlock at higher levels
  • Relies heavily on sticking to targets
  • Not suited to large-scale fights


  • Your Q-slot offers the choice between a single-target ability and an area ability. The single-target ability is better in 1v1 scenarios, while the area ability deals damage to all targets within range. Both abilities apply one Heroic Charge to, while hitting three or more targets with Heroic Cleave applies two charges.
  • Heroic Charges increase your move and attack speed. You can have a maximum of three charges on you at any one time. Many Sword abilities can use Heroic Charges to enhance their effects.
  • The W-ability lets you spin in a targeted direction, and can deal damage in three instances. Damage can be further increased by consuming a Heroic Charge. It’s a great tool to reposition yourself during a mob encounter, while dishing out damage.
  • Your main ability, with its long-range dash, lets you dodge and pass through crowd control abilities while dealing damage and buffing your basic attacks for three seconds. It does not utilize Heroic Charges, but with its bonus attack speed and damage it works well with Heroic Charges anyway, further buffing your auto-attacks.
  • The cowl has an additional damage spell that helps take down groups of enemies quickly.
  • The jacket can be used to regain health. It’s best used in combination with your W-ability or with the increased attack speed from the E-ability.
  • Your boots have a sprint ability that can regain a small portion of health quickly while providing increased movement speed.
  • An enemy encounter should look something like this:
    • Use your Q to begin combat and gain Heroic Charges. Repeat until you have at least two charges.
    • Use your W to deal damage or change position.
    • Use your E when you need to dodge a crowd control ability, or when on three heroic charges to maximize the damage output of your subsequent auto-attacks.
    • Use your jacket in combination with your area abilities or buffed attack speed when low on health.

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