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The Assassin Vanity Bundle is Here

Become a covert killer with this costume and mount skin bundle.

August 16, 2023 at 9:55 AM by GothDiva

The Assassin Vanity Bundle is here! This brand-new premiere bundle is available to buy now, and includes a full costume set along with the Assassin’s Panther Mount Skin for your Swiftclaw base mount.

The Assassin is a stealthy, savage killer, springing from the shadows without remorse. Tough yet agile, with face concealed, you will strike fear into the heart of any foe - at least, any who see you coming. The Assassin’s Panther is equally swift and deadly, darting through the darkness in its shadowy coat of fur, letting you pounce upon your enemies with a ruthless efficiency.

The Assassin bundle includes the following vanity skins, which work on male and female characters alike:

  • Assassin's Mask
  • Assassin's Armor
  • Assassin's Boots
  • Assassin's Swords
  • Assassin's Panther

As with past bundles, you can use all costume and mount skins with all characters on your account, on both servers, and they are never lost or destroyed. All items will be unlocked in the in-game "Appearance" menu after purchase.

Grab this premiere bundle today and become Albion’s most vicious killer!


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