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Albion Development Recap (January 13)

The first Development Recap of 2017 is here, delving deeper into the upcoming gear and combat changes.

January 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM by Enya

This time around, Game Designer Michael Schwahn takes the stage of our Development Recap to talk about the upcoming combat adjustments and improvements. This not only includes an abundance of balancing, but also the comeback of the Royal faction armor and the introduction of brand new gatherer gear!

Want to know more? Watch the video below to find out all the juicy details!

No time to watch? Here is a written summary of what Michael discussed in his combat Development Recap:

Gatherer Equipment

Everything in Albion Online revolves around combat, even activities you would normally not associate with fighting. The prime example of that is gathering, which requires you to go into the open world and face its dangers. However, gatherers are currently left out in the cold, as their main activity does not increase their survivability or combat skills, and they are lacking specialization in their role.

To change this and give the gatherers the love they deserve, we are introducing new equipment that can only be unlocked purely by gathering. Each resource type will have its own equipment set consisting of four pieces: helmet, armor, shoes and a backpack. That is a total of 20 new pieces gatherer gear!

The helmet, armor and shoes will each have the best defensive skills from the regular combat gear, as well as a unique spell each that will benefit your specific resource gathering. On top of that, the armor piece also provides a gathering yield and gathering speed bonus for its specific resource type. The backpack, which has to be equipped in the cape slot, increases the maximum load for its resource type.

This new equipment will be unlocked through the Destiny Board and is available from Tier 4 to Tier 8. While the gear itself is unlocked through gathering, combat fame will not go to waste and contribute to your gathering equipment’s masteries.

These changes will bring more diversity and meaning not only to the gatherer role, but to the entire world of Albion Online. Gatherers, be sure to let us know your favorite equipment builds and skills so we do not miss out on any possible playstyle!

Royal Equipment

If you have been around in the first Closed Beta, Royal equipment might ring a bell. These pieces of armor used to be obtainable through missions from the Royal Expeditionary Forces, but were in general not very useful. Galahad will mark the return of Royal armor, but with a twist!

In order to get your hands on the equipment, you will have to collect Royal Sigils from the brand new Expeditions, which are PvE missions. These Royal Sigils, in combination with regular resources, can be used to craft the Royal gear of your choice.

There are three different Royal equipment sets: Cloth, Leather and Plate. Similarly to Artifact items, they are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board and are available from Tier 4 to Tier 8. Each Royal equipment piece will also boast a unique spell, which makes for 9 new spells! These spells are designed with PvE in mind, but can certainly also be utilized in PvP.

On top of that, to make sure these items are worth the effort, their Item Power will be on par with level 1 Artifact equipment.

Balance Changes, Reworks and New Spells

New equipment and spells aside, a lot of additional combat changes will be introduced with Galahad.

First of all, we are giving some love to the currently underpowered and underappreciated roles. Tanks are the main victim of the current Meta, as they are nearly useless on the battlefield aside from a few specific builds. To bring them back into the game, we are giving them better Crowd Control (CC) options, as well as reducing the CC resistance of Cloth users. We are also looking at spells on typical tank weapons, in order to make them more viable.

We are also not satisfied with the mobility balance in Albion Online. We will remove mobility skills from armors and helmets, and tone down the mobility spells on weapons as well. The main source of mobility will come from shoes, making it harder to stack mobility boosts. This will also have an impact on the Ranged versus Melee-Meta, where melee users could simply outrun the distance advantage of ranged players.

Apart from looking at certain unloved roles, we are also revamping underused items. We plan to bring them back into the Meta by giving them a defined role and niche. A perfect example is the Wailing Bow (Hell Artifact Bow) and its Demon Arrow spell, which will now become stronger as it hits more enemies. This will transform the Wailing Bow user into a unique type of sniper, dealing damage to squishy targets in the back by piercing through the frontline of the battle.

A last major point we are not quite satisfied with is the current zerg fight dynamic. Forced movements such as pulls, knockbacks and fear, are currently too strong and mandatory to have in a fight. Not only will we add a new spell to counter these spells, but we are also looking into toning down several must-have weapons. Albion Online is all about making your build and strategies, and we want to give everyone the option to play the way they prefer rather than being forced into certain builds.

Last, but not least, we have a lot of quality of life improvements heading your way, as well as new spells for regular weapons!

Are you looking forward to the new equipment sets? What are you thought on the upcoming balance changes? Make sure to let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below or on our forums!

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