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Albion Armory: xOrgy’s Infinite Sword Swinger

This week the Albion Armory takes a look at a build that is specialized in dealing tons of damage in melee combat while always being one step ahead of its enemies.

April 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM by UrzakeFrostgard

There are many things you have to keep in mind when going for a melee build, from your own survivability to how to end your target’s virtual life. Trying to be capable of everything isn’t always the smartest idea, especially in a game where you have team members that can make up for your own shortcomings. xOrgy designed his Infinite Sword Swinger with exactly that in mind and instead of trying to become a jack-of-all-trades he decided to specialize his build in damage and mobility while being durable enough to survive just until his healer is available again.

About the Infinite Sword Swinger

“Looking at the currently played Offtank builds, this one is one of the strongest we have in Albion right now! You see a lot of guilds utilizing the Clarent Blade/Sarcophagus Shield combination in their GvG teams,” xOrgy starts. “One of the strongest points of the build is the diversity it offers its user. You can basically do everything from solo PvE up to large scale PvP skirmishes in the open world with the same equipment.”

“While the weapon and offhand always remain the same, people started to use different types of armor depending on their own playstyle,” He continues. “My Infinite Sword Swinger variant is specialized in small-scale group fights and GvGs while it allows for an efficient time when solo grinding.”

Build Overview - Summary

The Clarent Blade is a well-balanced weapon and the core of today’s featured build. It offers decent sustained damage, high mobility, and a potent area nuke. Thanks to the great basic kit of the Clarent Blade, the remaining skills could be used for more utility.

While the build is specialized in small-scale group fights and GvGs, there is no need to change out any part of your equipment for other activities. All you need is to switch out your skills depending on the task at hand and with the right group setup, you can even function as a tank in dungeons.

Given the low energy costs of this build’s abilities, you can keep fighting non-stop while being able to permanently outmaneuver your opponent’s attacks.

Equipment: Weapons

Mainhand: Clarent Blade

Heroic Strike

Deals physical damage. Also applies a Heroic Charge on you: each charge increases your movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 3 times).

Hamstring or Iron Will

(Hamstring) Instantly slows your target and deals physical damage. (Ironwill) Increases your movement speed and decreases incoming damage for a few seconds.

Mighty Swing

Deals physical damage to all enemies around you in a 6 meter radius. Damage scales depending on the number of Heroic Charges active on you and consumes all your Heroic Charges.

Passive: Deep Cuts

Every 4 normal attacks, you inflict a bleeding on the enemy. This deals additional damage over time.

The Heroic Charges you gain from Heroic Strike are not only used to boost your Mighty Swing’s damage but also allow you to keep up with your targets while having an easier time dodging their attacks.

Hamstring/Iron Will will further increase your stickiness. While Iron Will increases your own DPS (damage per second), Hamstring makes sure that the rest of your team can keep attacking or closing onto your target as well.

Variant: Against a team that has a lot of casters, you can swap out your Hamstring/Iron Will for Interrupt to counter your enemies’ casts with a low cooldown.

Offhand: Sarcophagus Shield

The Sarcophagus Shield adds an extra layer of defense, allowing you take more damage before you need to retreat.

Equipment: Armor

Helmet: Guardian Helmet

Stone Skin

Reduces damage received, at the expense of also reducing your damage and healpower for a short amount of time.

Passive: Toughness

Decreases the damage your receive.

Stone Skin is a well-balanced defensive ability. It allows you to mitigate a lot of the incoming damage on you without taking any of your mobility and on top, you are still able to attack your target. But keep in mind, unlike other abilities you are not invulnerable!

Chest: Assassin Jacket


Turn invisible for a short period of time. Your first attack out of invisibility will deal increased damage, the longer you stay invisible the higher the damage buff. Attacking or casting breaks the invisibility. You will also become visible if you move too far away from the activation spot.

Passive: Quick Thinker (Tier 5+)

All cooldown times are reduced.

Ambush can be used defensively and offensively. When being focused by the enemies or caught off guard you can Ambush to slip away unharmed. Offensively used, Ambush not only lets you approach the enemies backline directly, but if timed correctly with your Heroic Charges and Mighty Swing, you can deal devastating damage to your surrounding targets.

Quick Thinker as a passive increases your charge generation and reduces the time between your nukes.

Boots: Knight Boots

Shield Charge

Charge toward a target (ally or enemy). After the charge, you apply a shield on yourself and allies in close proximity that absorbs damage.

Passive: Toughness

Decreases the damage your receive.

Shield Charge is a powerful tool to engage your enemies, but it also allows you to support your allies survive in situations where your healer is occupied.

Consumables: Food and Potions


Increases your maximum health.

Major Healing Potion

Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time.

Both consumables are chosen to increase your efficient life pool. More life simply means you can take AND deal more damage before you need to pull back.

Alternative food: For PvE, Stew can be used to increase your damage and thus allowing faster dungeon clearing.

Alternative potion: Against enemies with a lot of CC (crowd control) Cleansing Potion can be used to outplay them.

Tips, Tricks, and Combos

While the Infinite Sword Swinger offers a lot of mobility and raw damage, you don’t have any kind of hard CC. Keep this in mind when you are forming your team.

Always animation cancel auto attacks with Heroic Strike, to maximize your damage output. For every two auto attacks, you can generate one charge. This will add additional pressure on the enemy healer and will keep your charges stacked.

As the Heroic Charges are applied to yourself, you can use any target to stack them, including your opponents’ tank. Once fully charged, you can directly engage the enemies’ backline and unleash Mighty Swing. To maximize the surprise effect and the initial burst, you can combine your attack with an Arcane Staff. Call out for support once you have two Heroic Charges and by the time you have your third charge you are fully buffed.

Sometimes, using Stone Skin right of the bet is the best way to avoid a large amount of damage especially when you know that your enemies have their abilities ready for you.

You can use Shield Charge to close larger gaps with the help of your allies. This allows for easy off guard catches! Once your group member uses their gap closer on the enemies’ backline you can use Shield Charge on them to follow their lead. This will not only allow the two of you to directly engage the enemy, but also shields both of you.

Never forget that your basic movement speed is greatly enhanced through your Heroic Charges. This means you are a lot more mobile than most other people. Use this to your advantage and never stop moving! Your enemies will miss a lot of their attacks and will be constantly forced to reposition.

Do you agree on xOrgy’s choices for his Clarent Blade build or would you do something differently? Let us know in the comments below or on our forums!

Want your build to be featured on the Albion Online website? Contact UrzakeFrostgard via the forums or on Discord (UrzaKeFrostgard#5431).

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