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Dev Blog: Mounts

Jul 3rd by admin

A hot topic in development; mounts, transportation of goods and how you’ll be travelling around Albion in style. Check it out!


With the world of Albion growing larger and larger all the time, getting from A to B seems a more gargantuan task than ever before.


Thankfully, we’ve designed some ways around the long, slow walks home from hunting and gathering trips, but don’t start thinking it’s going to be easy now…


As the world of Albion Online gets bigger and bigger, mounts will become essential in travelling vast distances between towns and cities, or when players embark on days-long gathering trips reaching over many regions around the world! We released early models for the mounts in a blog a short while ago, but they’ve had a makeover since then, so here are the up-to-date versions!
Along with the new mounts comes a special new building! Mounts are bred and bought at a stable, one of which will be found in most major cities and hubs around Albion. Procuring a mount will likely require money as well as some resources such as leather (so that your horse has a saddle and stirrups!). These mounts then function as loyal steeds who will carry you around Albion more quickly than at walking speed, so will be a great asset to anyone looking to travel throughout the world of Albion.

Horses will have both armored and unarmored versions. An unarmored horse can be vulnerable to attack on the road, whereas an armored horse will negate more damage in combat situations and have a higher crowd control resistance.

How do mounts affect my character?

Mounts will have their own equip slot on the player character, similar to the bag and cape. When the mount is summoned, the character mounts it, which takes a few seconds.

Albion-Online 2014-06-13 13-38-35-59Cross great plains, towns, cities and forests faster than ever before

The player is unable to fight, gather or interact with any buildings while on horseback. Mounts will provide a number of buffs to the character, which are effective immediately they mount, and deactivate when they dismount.

Once the player dismounts, they regain their own abilities, and can once again interact with resources, NPCs and other players.

Oxen are a great way of getting lots of goods around Albion. As with horses, oxen can be armored or unarmored, with the armored ox having a lower carrying capacity, but taking less damage in combat.

Transportation of Goods

With the world of Albion becoming larger and larger every day, we intend to have many more marketplaces available across different regions, and we want the transportation of good over distances between marketplaces and hubs to be an industry in and of itself.

OxMake big business carrying your wares to faraway markets

With local marketplaces dominating trade in the world, enterprising players will be able to make it big and get rich by getting to know the local marketplaces well, and transporting their goods around Albion.

Final Thoughts

Now you should feel ready to saddle up your pack mule and load up your carts before heading out into the world to see what prices you can fetch for your goods! We love hearing your comments and feedback on new additions or ideas, so if you’ve got something to say, let us know via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or our forums. If you want to see Albion Online on Steam, why not let the good folks at Steam Greenlight know!