The Story of Albion

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The World Beyond Albion

While Albion is a world unto itself, there are other realms beyond it. Some, like the Old World, lie across the sea but within the same reality, while others exist in alternate dimensions, separated from the world of Albion by the thinnest of veils that is often breached.


The Old World

The Old World is vast. Once all of its many islands were part of a single continent but some ancient catastrophe changed all that. From above the Old World looks like a comet, one large roughly circular landmass with a long tail of smaller islands streaming out from it. The Old World enjoys a temperate but dry climate. Droughts are common, and food shortages are a major cause of conflict between the hundreds of petty warlords.

Consequently, life in the Old World is tough, with little room for people to improve their circumstances. The rich struggle to keep hold of their treasures, the poor struggle to eat. The King’s measures keep complete collapse at bay but do nothing to alleviate the misery that fills the lives of most citizens.

By contrast to Albion, the Old World is without magic. There are no demons, no dragons, no giant beasts of legend. It is a grey place, where most people live out their lives in obscurity, too focused on surviving the day to plan for the future, though in the brief moment between toil and sleep, a brave few dream of something better.
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The Demonic Planes

Places of perpetually melting rock and ever burning fires. The sky above is an icy void, endless, and shapes can be seen in the lava seas; bubbling faces that burst in a series of popping screams. Coming from such a place, is it any wonder the demons are such generators of misery?

Not all demons are aspected of fire however and, if you know the correct rituals, or if you can find the right gatekeepers, other, even stranger hell realms can be reached. Places where storm clouds bombard the land with bloated corpses or even demons so large they are their own realm, and lesser demons sail across their eyes on islands made from frozen tears.

To linger in these places is to invite death, or worse. However, there are also prizes to be had amid the peril. Hoards of rare soul gems that contain incredible power and weapons unlike anything made by human hands. Riches and glory abound for those stupid or strong enough to take the risk.
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The Land of the Dead

Perhaps a more accurate title for this place would be the Land of the Undead. For there is little here that does not move. Lurking within the perpetual mists are legions of ghosts, wraiths and lost souls, the majority of which lost their sanity millennia ago. The cunning few seek to possess the living, the rest simply to drain them dry.

Shades of trees are also found here, and the ghosts of animals, though most of these are faint and pass quickly on.

At the heart of the Land of the Dead is a whirlpool of black water that pulls at all untethered spirits, stripping little shreds of them away, stealing memories one by one, until, at last they stop resisting and are drawn down, taken by the currents into oblivion.
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The Avalonians were a proud and ancient faction, formed after the dragons went to their long slumber. After allying with Merlyn in the battle against Morgana, the Avalonians retreated back to their ancient hidden kingdom, where they would remain isolated for an age, swearing to only return when Albion needed them.

With the arrival of settlers from the Old World, darker forces in Albion began to stir: The Disciples of Morgana grew bolder, and the border between the world and the demonic planes grew thinner. As demonic corruption rose across the land, the Avalonians began to emerge, and portals to their mighty halls and ancient ruined roads began to open up across Albion. Facing these fearsome foes alone is certain death, and even for adventurers in large enough numbers, it is rare to see a mighty Avalonian and live to tell the tale.
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