The Story of Albion

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The Undead

As Albion’s first great civil war, between the forces of Merlyn and Morgana, dragged on - it became apparent that the war could spell the end of Albion itself. To bring this to an end, Merlyn elected to perform a powerful ritual - but at a huge cost.

This ritual involved the destruction of a mighty artifact: Excalibur, the sword of kings. The sword was Morgana’s greatest achievement, imbued with her own energies and, it is theorized, by demonic essence as well. By breaking it, Merlyn was symbolically breaking her, as well as releasing a vast quantity of magical energy back into Albion.

When the sword shattered, its energy was redirected to terrible ends. A great rift opened and chill mists poured out, blanketing the battlefield and swiftly spreading over the land.

When the mists retreated they revealed that the ritual had not just taken the souls of those present at its casting... it had transformed them into something terrible.

Strange cries were carried on the wind as old bones moved once more, creaking inside rusty armor. The Undead remain an uncomfortable reminder of Albion’s past. They can often be avoided but are too dangerous to be ignored and too terrible to forget.


The Skeletons

A broad group made up of those killed during the war. They include Arthur’s knights and a number of unfortunates who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some still believe they are fighting a war and battle each other endlessly, pointlessly, while others shuffle without purpose. The most pathetic do not move at all until something with a pulse gets too close.

Most Skeletons are driven by a hatred of all things living and will attack them on sight. However, there are rare stories of Undead who retain some semblance of their former selves.

Some describe these as tragic figures seeking salvation, while others paint a picture of creatures driven by hate, who try to lure the sympathetic to their doom.
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The Harvesters

Merlyn’s Acolytes were at the heart of the ritual when its power was unleashed, their bodies exposed to dread powers, their minds tortured, their souls repurposed. Each was transformed into a Harvester, a walking gateway to the plane of the dead.

The Harvesters are incredibly dangerous, not only for their own power but because of the magnetic quality they have for lesser undead. A single touch from them can be fatal, and to stand in their presence for too long can cause premature aging and infertility, or bring about such intense misery that victims have been known to sit down on the spot and refuse to stand again.

Fortunately, they tend only to be found in Albion’s deepest depths.
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The Shades

These patches of living darkness are often found in catacombs where Skeletons dwell.

They are interested in one thing and one thing only: life. When they find it, they steal it, drinking mindlessly until the soul is consumed. They cluster around powerful undead, and in large numbers their movements can become excitable, even hypnotic.
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