The Story of Albion

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The Heretics

As Albion’s earlier colonists prospered, they drew the attention of other inhabitants. Their simple fences were more than adequate to keep out hungry wolves but when the Keepers and their giants came, it was a different story.

Forced to flee into unknown areas, it was only a matter of time before the weak bonds between them started to break. And as they ventured deeper into Albion, they came across fresh horrors: the walking dead, huge knights armored in fire and black iron, and strange, wild beasts.

As they looked from bloodthirsty giants and axe-wielding berserkers on one side, to wicked cultists and their soul-drinking demons on the other, their leaders came to an irrefutable conclusion: Albion was a place of nightmare and it, along with all of its inhabitants, had to be destroyed.

The Royal Expeditionary Forces arrived a few years later to find their countrymen had rejected the Old World and were calling themselves Heretics. Diplomacy between the two groups never even started as the Heretics attacked anyone they encountered on sight. Albion had driven the Heretics to embrace the worst parts of themselves and everyone was poorer as a result.


The Scavengers

The rank and file of the Heretics, motivated by the need to fill their bellies. A mix of poachers, archers and thieves, lightly armored for speed and stealth and favoring quick or ranged weapons.

Always desperate, they’ll kill you if they can and take your belongings. If not they’ll just take your belongings. If you’re too strong even for that, they’ll flee into the shadows.

They know they’re outmatched by most of the other factions and better their odds through cunning and a complete lack of conscience.
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The Fanatics

These are Heretics who have tapped into Albion’s magic in various ways. One might watch a Keeper ritual and manage to repeat a twisted version of it. Another might spend hours experimenting with a staff until finally getting something to work.

The Heretics have had limited success in this way. Their healers can perform many of the same functions as druids do for the Keepers, just not as effectively or with as broad a power base. Their mages can use magic, especially pyromancy, but understand nothing behind what they do. Because of this they will never be as dangerous as Morgana’s cultists or a properly trained battle-mage.
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