The Story of Albion

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The Avalonians are a proud and ancient faction, formed after the dragons went to their long slumber. They learned the power of the land through trial and error, infusing their tools, beasts, and even themselves with magic. After many failed attempts at mastering the crystallized magic of Albion, the Avalonians discovered a great white crystal, purer and stronger than its blue counterparts.

An apparatus the size of a lake was built around the enormous crystal, distilling pure, glowing magic in liquid form. This was the first grail. The city built to house this grail was named Avalon.

Arthur and the Order of the Grail drank from the liquid and pledged their lives to protect it, while a "lady of the lake" was chosen to judge who was worthy to drink from it. She was named Morgana, and was a wise and powerful mage. Thus began the golden age of Avalon.

Following the catastrophic culmination of Albion’s great civil war, all that remained on the battlefield were the nearly immortal Avalonians. The strongest retreated to Avalon along with the gravely wounded Sir Bedivere, mighty steward of Arthur, swearing an oath to return when Albion needed them.

Thousands of years later, colonists began to arrive on Albion's shores, spreading across the land and pillaging everything in sight. Portals to hell appeared more frequently, Disciples of Morgana grew restless in their strongholds, and Keepers began to emerge from their caves.

Deep in the earth, a drop of pure magic fell into a grail. The Order reawakened, ready to cleanse Albion of its impurity.




The Valor subfaction, first of the "three pillars" of the Order of the Grail, embodies strength and power, as its members have drunk from the pure magic waters of the grail and survived. These fighters use both melee and ranged attacks, swinging at opponents with tremendous swords or twin axes, but can also cast mighty shield spells that knock enemies back and reflect damage. Their oath describes them as vessels of the grail's power, meaning they carry themselves with stoicism and dignity - but are not afraid to show their full strength when the sanctity of their realm is threatened.
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The Magic subfaction, second of the "three pillars" of the Order, embodies the mystical, arcane, and technical aspects of the grail's power. Its members have imbued not only their own bodies but other creatures and even inanimate stone and metal with crystal magic to mould them into powerful weapons. They see themselves as both scientists and artists, sculpting magic into usable forms. Their oath describes them as conduits of the grail's power, and while they are mysterious and arcane in their practice, a genuine love of experimentation shines through.
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The Spirit subfaction, third and most mysterious of the "three pillars" of the Order, embodies the religious and spiritual aspects of the grail. These mystics have a complex and contradictory role, as they simultaneously heal their allies and harm their enemies. In battle, they rely on focus, training, and control rather than brute strength or magical power. Their oath describes them as the soul of the grail, and to outsiders they appear as fanatical devotees, engaged in a holy war. Their combat style takes a three-pronged approach: soothing the wounded, strengthening their allies, and breaking those who oppose them.
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Bedivere, steward of Arthur, lost his arm in defense of his king during the great war. Despite his grave injury, he remains the most powerful of the Avalonians, with devastating physical and magical attacks, immense defensive capabilities, and the ability to completely reheal himself in battle. At the height of his powers, he can even summon a phantom arm of pure Avalonian energy, which can choke the life from lesser foes. Though he is a relic of an older time and has grown somewhat weary in his great age, he nonetheless embodies the pride and steadfastness of the Avalonians, and will fearlessly face down any number of enemy forces.
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