Limits on Gold Market Transactions

Albion Online features a market where the two game currencies, Gold and Silver, can be traded for each other. Because of the ongoing potential for fraud, there are transaction limits on Gold Market activity. These are automatically updated at several points during the early game experience.

Why are there Gold Market limits in place?

Gold sellers use stolen credit cards to purchase Gold and use it in-game before their payments are flagged as fraudulent. This causes severe damage both to the in-game economy and to us as a developer in the form of chargeback costs and overhead. While we understand these restrictions are inconvenient, they are in place to protect your gameplay experience and hard work.

As a result, we place the following daily limits on Gold sales (i.e. converting Gold into Silver) by players:

  • During Tutorial: No access to Gold Market; Gold cannot be bought or sold
  • After finishing Tutorial: 100 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After reaching Tier 3 (i.e. unlocking the Journeyman Adventurer node): 500 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After any real-currency purchase: 2,000 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After total purchases of $30 or more: 4,000 Gold per day can be traded for Silver (requires a 10-day verification period after reaching the $30 threshold)

After a verified purchase of any amount, a verification request can be submitted to customer service. Once this process is complete, you will have no daily limit on Gold-for-Silver trades.

With these rules, we have tried to create a set of limitations that strikes a balance between protecting Albion’s economy while impeding a normal player’s gameplay experience as little as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the Gold Market, or have evidence of fraudulent Gold selling activity, please contact us at for assistance. Please note that trading Gold or Silver for real money is strictly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions.