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Video Guide series on Faction Warfare

A new video series guiding you through Albion Online

2 avril 2021 à 10:00 par Elsa

With the ever-increasing population of Albion Online, we have noticed a big demand for guides. This is why we have teamed up with AO FAQ to bring you a series of video guides. Each video aims to tackle a specific feature within Faction Warfare in a concise and detailed manner - in a way that is helpful to new and veterans players alike.

The revamped Faction Warfare system - being one of our latest and most popular features, we've decided to cover it first.

Faction Warfare Overview

Capturing Faction Outposts & Regions

Faction Ranks & Rewards

Faction Transport Missions

Leave a comment on YouTube and tell us what you think of the new Albion Online Guide series and which topics you would like us to cover next!


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