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Team Casualty se apodera de la Temporada 3 de GvG

Luego de un sorprendente regreso, Team Casualty se recuperó para ganar la tercera temporada de GvG y arruinar las esperanzas de Money Guild de conseguir un tercer campeonato.

17 de septiembre de 2018, 12:24 por PrintsKaspian

A mitad de la temporada 3, Money Guild y Team Casualty estaban en la primera posición, con Team Casualty por detrás por solo unos pocos miles de puntos. Luego, a principios de agosto, experimentaron una cadena devastadora de eventos: en un solo día, su alianza se disolvió, cinco de sus territorios fueron saqueados, y se perdieron cantidades masivas de equipo que habían sido almacenados en Fecund Mound Meadow.

Sin embargo, en lugar de darse por vencidos, inmediatamente formaron la nueva alianza POWER y comenzaron a reclamar territorios, abriéndose paso nuevamente al primer lugar. Durante el resto de la temporada, reconstruyeron sus armerías, dominaron el campo de batalla y acumularon cientos de miles de puntos, llegando finalmente a una ventaja insuperable y asegurando la victoria. Las esperanzas de Money Guild para un campeonato de la tercera temporada se desvanecieron, y Albion tuvo un nuevo campeón.

Team Casualty ha existido desde el lanzamiento, y actualmente posee numerosos récords de todos los tiempos: mayor Fama en general, mayor valor de muerte total, mayor valor de recursos y la mayor Plata recolectada. Gracias a un rendimiento inmejorable en los últimos meses, ahora pueden agregar "Campeones de Temporada GvG" a su lista de reconocimientos.

Dirígete a Caerleon para ver las banderas de su gremio en exhibición, y mantente atento al horizonte: la Temporada 4 de GvG comienza el sábado 29 de septiembre, donde nuevos ejércitos se levantarán para reclamar el trono. Puedes ver toda la acción en el canal oficial de Albion Online Twitch, AlbionTV.


Interview: Manchild, Guild Leader of Team Casualty (English only)

Coming from the low of having lost everything, you are now at the high of winning a season! What and who kept you together during that time and motivated you to come back even stronger as POWER? 

When Fecund Mound was dropped, most of our leads that were online, Purr, Ellipses, and myself were occupied with guild activities, raiding Mercia mages looking for some ZvZ content. It took us by surprise. Everyone shared the same consensus, "We're done. We had a good run boys." I quickly rallied everyone into the opposite mentality; I assured everyone that we would be ok as this was not the first time something like this had happened. And Ellipses believed in TC too. From there, we instantly launched a GvG campaign into Mercia as OOPs was harboring Bangers. We were looking for war and they were the juiciest target.

The members of TC were ready to be rallied too, many taking the initiative to support the guild in whatever way possible. We had a few men make considerable silver donations to help keep us afloat when this all went down. Donations of note: Xtrion - 200 mil, Thesipher - 100 mil, X3p - 50 mil, Saicere - 300 mil, and others as well that I can’t recall but all appreciated. No contribution was too big or too small as they all helped to boost morale in the guild. Ellipses, Pleb and men like Lebron quickly rallied the men daily into mage raiding to keep us busy while we rebuilt. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to all our strong officers, and give thanks to men like Ellipses and Pleb for all the time they put into building and rebuilding TC.

What is the secret to your ZvZ success? 

In my unbiased opinion, we were weakest this season in ZvZ than we have ever been. That said, we did manage to crush the OOPS/OOF/POE alliances pretty consistently, with only real challenge coming from Blue Army (Boys are bangers for sure).

As far as secret goes, there's really not one, it comes down to the members of the zerg being able to listen and promptly respond to zvz calls, few men like Sohrab/Youni/Djtanner/Millicent were our more consistent DPS in those zergs, constantly being in the right spot at the right time. Also we have solid shot calling from, in my opinion the best shot caller i've seen - Ellipses, and of course Pleb contributing with his ever so soothing voice.

When asked whether he regarded Crimson Imperium Reborn as the biggest threat in season 3, Ellipses said: "No, not at all. Anyone can look amazing when they beat down on last season’s champ. People often forget that for the entirety of Season 1 and the majority of Season 2, TC has held off and repeatedly crushed CIR’s teams.'' Do you stick by this general opinion, and did you feel threatened by CIR at any point in Season 3?

For the most part no, CIR never was a factor for us, as they mainly stuck to their EU time zone in this season, we rarely got to meet them. They were more of a threat to our EU allies - The Fleet and Frogue One. 
Cargera in my opinion is the best tank to ever play Albion and carried the load for them, but when they removed Licitank from their team last month, their team got blatantly weaker, Genov and Derrick are not quite Licitank quality. Even though we have been at war with POE for longer than I can remember now, I do have respect for those boys, they are the longest running 5 man team (or were) this game has seen, that in itself is an accomplishment.

Without giving away too many tactics or strategies, can you share any of your goals for the upcoming Season 4?

We're not too sure what our season goal is, with the current state of the game season play is rather stagnant. We'll probably end up going for a more casual route this season though, we plan to shrink our alliance/guild, rebuild with the idea of not needing a mega alliance (truly super boring). As it currently stands though we won't be competing for a Season 4 victory, we accomplished what we wanted to this season.

TC has never really had a plan in its 1 year of live gameplay, we always just kinda do stuff as it happens, so we'll approach Season 4 the same way.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in POWER and TC during Season 3 for all the hard work, special thanks to men like Djtanner, who manages all tc food/farms basically by himself, Eveneska and Kyzara who spent countless hours managing gatherers, big thanks to our gvger's, Mumuzao team/Jemenex team/Tringle team and masterofwaves/our 6th man Rxhmorse, specifically the "a" team that carried the load for so long (Sohrab/Ellipses/Sipher/Akko) and again, thank you to Ellipses and Pleb, without you men, we wouldn't be here, you guys were the backbone of TC for so long.

Check out TC's own victory video below (warning - strong language):

Estas son las clasificaciones finales de la temporada 3, con el total de puntos ganados:

1st Place: TeamCasualty (512,370 points)
2nd Place: Money Guild (441,996 points)
3rd Place: The Fleet (277,204 points)
4th Place: Crimson Imperium Reborn (267,164 points)
5th Place: Hammer And Sickle (207, 858 points)
6th Place: Blue Army (180, 732 points)
7th Place: Say My Metatrone (159,600 points)
8th Place: Red Army v2 (152, 280 points)

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