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The year 2016 has arrived and also in Albion, changes are starting to take form with the Brutus game update.

Coming at the end of January, Brutus will bring some long-awaited quality of life features into Albion Online that should make your journey through the lands even more enjoyable. Besides, the Undeads are rising with frightening new content to explore.

For now, some new features and content are still hidden in the Undead's mists - so keep checking this page while Brutus' specific contents get unlocked step-by-step. Read detailed сhangelog here


Quality of Life Features (1)

The year starts with these three long-awaited highlight features:
  • "Repair All" Button: fast-track your repairing process
  • Guild management: use your guild ranks to set the access rights for e.g. chests
  • Spell Targeting: Indicators will now show the range and direction of the spells you cast
While this should improve your experience of Albion Online already, there is even more...
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Quality of Life Features (2)

More features to make your Albion life easier:
  • "Collect All" button & bulk mail deletion
  • Mob Aggro Range adjustment
  • Lower refining & transmutation times
  • Stack food & potions up to 999 items
  • Easy equip: drag items anywhere on paperdoll
  • Shift click moves items from bank to inventory & vice versa
Look out for more!
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Brutus Update_Undead Dungeons.jpg

Undead Dungeons

Explore two new Undead dungeon types with the "Sunken City" and the "Crypt".
The dungeons feature the new "Gateway" concept, which allows you to enter the same dungeon from different clusters and engage in a challenging PvE adventure once you and your friends killed the gateway boss.

There is more: in the new Undead dungeons, you will now also find Solo Gateways that have the same PvE adventure but designed for solo players.
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Brutus Update_Undead Boss.jpg

Undead Bosses & Mobs

In the dungeons, you will meet some scary new members of the Undead faction that will try to stop your adventure through them.

Especially the Governor and the Necromancer will present a challenge to those brave enough to make their way down. But also their new underlings, such as the Ghoul or the Cursed Skeleton, can surprise careless warriors with their attacks.

Watch out for more here!
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Brutus Update_PC Interface.jpg

User Interface Improvements

As already announced in our roadmap, we are making the first steps towards a customization on respective platforms.
You can look forward to the first results of these efforts in Brutus:
  • New Destiny Board HUD
  • Optional small scale HUD for PC
  • Smaller menu buttons for PC
  • Switch Destiny Board HUD position with spell bar
Watch out for more to come over the next months!
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