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On March 12, we will release our third major post-release content update: Lancelot.

With this update, the open world of Albion will gain new depth and complexity, from roaming mobs and luxury goods to an all-new fishing system that lets players harvest Albion's rivers, lakes, and seas for fish and treasure. A new tier of Artifact Armors will bring updated defensive and attack options to combat in Albion. Big improvements for guilds are also coming, from GvG Season changes to new storage and management systems that let guilds assign roles and track resources. Our ongoing server optimization will bring improved performance, especially in larger fights. And with the introduction of the Siege Ballista, the game takes its first steps toward a new type of open-world combat.




The waters of Albion are ready to offer up their bounty to intrepid anglers! With the Lancelot update, adventurers can fish Albion's oceans, rivers and lakes and catch everything from common fish to rarer fish to sunken treasure. Different biomes and settings offer different types of fish, as do freshwater and saltwater.

Once they're reeled in, fish can be cooked into meals or sold like other resources. As with other resources in the game, fishing will have different tiers of unlockable poles and its own all-new armor and Destiny Board path. And finally, advanced anglers can even catch a boss fish and craft a trophy to decorate the walls of their homes.

Guild Quality-of-Life Improvements

With the Lancelot update, guild leaders will have a broad new set of tools at their fingertips for delegating roles to guild members, tracking resources, setting permissions, and accessing items from multiple locations.

Leaders can hand out responsibilities as they see fit, allowing all guild members to spend less time on administration and more time looting, gathering, and preparing for battle. And with new guild vaults on guild-owned islands and territories, all guild members will have easier access to a shared guild economy.

To see our dev talk on the improvements coming for guilds, click here.

Server Performance Improvements

Over the past months, as we've developed the features that will make up the Lancelot update, we have also introduced numerous performance improvements in tandem with these new systems. These optimizations will go live alongside the new features of the Lancelot update, and should serve to offer players reduced lag and increased performance, particularly during large-scale battles. We are fully committed to making massive fights as smooth as possible and consider improving performance a constantly ongoing process.

GvG Season Improvements

The second GvG Season will see some big changes: first and foremost, players can now place Rogue Mages in enemy territory to steal energy for their own guild. Siphoning Mages will now spawn more slowly as their numbers increase, but killing them will offer higher rewards. All the energy they drop can now be claimed directly by players on the battlefield, and it will no longer go directly to the guild. In GvG battles, capturing an orb will immediately deduct a point from the enemy team, meaning a flawless victory will be much more difficult to achieve. Together, these changes will provide new incentives for claiming territories and participating in GvG battles.

New Artifact Armors

Lancelot will introduce Level 3 Artifact Armors, offering unparalleled power to those who master their intricacies. Items like the Judicator Helmet (which stuns enemies with an electric AoE shockwave) and the Specter Hood (which lets wearers use their armor skills twice in a row) will provide not only new defensive strategies, but offensive ones as well, and bring combat in Albion to a whole new level.

To see our Dev Talk on the new Artifact Armors and other combat changes, click here.

Roaming Mobs

With the Lancelot update, the NPC factions in Albion will become much more prevalent in Albion's biomes: instead of appearing only in preexisting camps, they will now spawn throughout the open world. Designed to be defeated by solo players or small groups, these enemies will offer overall higher rewards than those found in Expeditions to those willing to hunt them down. They will also vary in rarity and difficulty, from basic scouts to stronger troops to powerful bosses that offer huge amounts of fame and silver.

To see our Dev Talk on Roaming Mobs and Luxury Goods, click here.

Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods are special items dropped by mobs, consisting of antiques from Albion's past. As each category of Luxury Goods can be found anywhere but is sellable in just one city, players will have to transport them across dangerous lawless lands to get their full value – or rob those who are doing the transporting. With their destination-specific value, these items will offer a more varied reward system for killing mobs, open up new trade and transport opportunities, and introduce a new dimension to Albion's economy.

To see our Dev Talk on Roaming Mobs and Luxury Goods, click here.

New Hellgates

Lancelot will introduce a new type of Hellgate, as well as a new naming system: Lesser Hellgates, which offer the smaller 2v2 map, will now exist in red and black zones with full-loot PvP, while Greater Hellgates (formerly called Ignited and Infernal Hellgates) will remain in yellow, red, and black zones. Hardcore players looking for smaller-scale PvP combat can now seek out Lesser Hellgates to partake in spontaneous full-loot PvP much more easily.

This change will give more freedom to those looking for small-scale PvP, and each Hellgate type will have its own map icon, allowing players to easily differentiate them.

New Expedition

Lancelot will introduce In the Raven's Claws, a new T6 Group Expedition that tasks adventurers with rescuing a captured agent from the clutches of the Disciples of Morgana before he reveals critical secrets.

Descend into a nightmarish oubliette and battle deadly new mobs hell-bent on preventing your escape... then vanquish the final tormentor and set your prisoners free!

Additional Improvements

• Siege Ballistas: These rideable machines operate as support units, inflicting and maintaining bleed effects on a large groups. They are more affordable than other battle mounts, leveling the field for individuals and smaller guilds.
• Tomes of Insight: These books are dropped by open-world mobs and give an immediate boost to combat fame. As they have a rare drop chance and are not obtainable from Expedition mobs, they will provide a fame boost to those who partake in open-world combat.
• Balancing changes, graphical/UI/localization bug fixes, and numerous additional game optimizations.