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On December 6, we will release our second big post-release content update: Kay.

Coming out less than five months after the official release, Kay focuses on additional content for guilds and lots of performance improvements, especially in large-scale fights.

From seasonal content to Hardcore Expeditions, from new Artifact Weapons to an improved political world map. Kay has it all!


Kay 01 - GvG Seasons.jpg

Seasonal GvG content

Holding a territory now gives you more than just a base to operate from. In these territories, Mages will siphon energy for you over time when they are alive.

This siphoned energy can be used to turn into powerful rewards and establish a ranking of all guilds. While generating siphoned energy, you also gain score. At the end of a season, the guild with the highest score will be crowned as winner for this season and displayed appropriately. All guilds will be ranked in brackets, according to their performance.
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Kay 02 - Battle Mounts.jpg

Battle Mounts

Possible rewards for the season include all-new battle mounts. Powerful beasts that can only be acquired through participation in territory warfare. The new mounts are:
The Command Mammoth. Very sturdy with a switchable Aura increasing damage or armor of group members around it.
The Fire Basilisk. This is a real burner. Its attacks do true damage (percentage of life) and set the universe, or at least the opponents, on fire.
The Venom Basilisk. Quick, with poisonous frontal cone attacks and acidic spitting attacks at range that debuffs enemies. Talk about toxic…
For more information, see our Dev Talk on the Battle Mounts here.
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Kay 03 - Territory Raids.jpg

Territory Raids

You can now raid the territories of other guilds. Defeat their mages and secure some of the siphoned energy for yourself. This allows for more open and more constant PvP and GvG opportunities for entire guilds - not only for a guild’s main 5v5 team!
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Kay 04 - Invasions 2.jpg


Draining Albion’s power for that sweet siphoned energy doesn’t fly too well with the land itself. It will fight back regularly, manifest itself in the form of pure magical power in all of Albion at the same time - and drive the guilds out of resource watchtowers, sparking a new struggle for control over the land.
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Kay 05 - Artifacts.jpg

New Artifact Weapon Tier

Level 3 Artifact weapons can now be found or acquired through seasonal rewards. They will add additional variety to Albion’s vast arsenal. One new weapon will be available for every weapon type. Want some examples?
The Blazing Staff can unleash a mighty flame tornado, burning everything in its way. With the Camlann Mace you create a shockwave. If this hits an opponent, all enemies in an area around him will be pulled towards his position after a short delay. For more information, see our Dev Talk on these weapons here.
General Artifact loot tables have been reworked - and all levels of Artifacts can now be found in regular PvE.
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Kay 06 - Performance.jpg

Enhanced Game Performance

Significant time and resources have been invested into increasing the game client's performance, particularly in large-scale battles.

From spell-effect overhauls to code improvements, from less resource-intensive models to more efficient textures. We’ve managed to squeeze out a fair chunk of fps in those fights.

Watch our CTO talk about what we’ve done here.
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Kay 07 - Evacuations.jpg

Evacuation Feature

We have overhauled the defender bonus mechanic and reduced it to a flat 5%. In the previous balance it was too difficult to take over an enemy territory. To offset the higher risk of losing their home, guilds, upon losing the territory, will be given three days of time to evacuate their belongings. The loss of a home plot will still hurt - but not destroy entire guilds if they use their evacuation period wisely.
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Kay 08 - Political World Map.jpg

Political World Map

The World Map will now display additional political information.

Who controls a territory? Which alliance is currently your neighbor and threatening your home? You can now see it all with added and improved visual overlays.
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Kay 09 - Hardcore Expedition.jpg

Hardcore Expeditions

Find maps in the Open World to enter a more deadly variant of a group expedition. These maps allow you to enter a particular expedition on a set difficulty level. This difficulty level determines the power of the mobs your premade group encounters - and the rewards these expeditions bring in turn. And if you manage to complete a difficulty level in time, you will receive a new map to a random expedition with an increased difficulty level for your next attempt!
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Kay 10 - Tutorial 2.jpg

Extended Tutorial

To improve the onboarding experience of new players, we have overhauled and extended our tutorial. New arrivals in Albion will find a more easily accessible layout of the start areas and will be given more information on where to go and what to do in Albion. Additional resources are available in the Guides section.
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Kay 12 - New Expedition2.jpg

New Expedition

“A Fistful of Silver” is a new T6 Group Expedition.

A group of heretic bandits is notorious for terrorizing small farms and even Royal caravans in the Steppe. Now they are even threatening to rob a small town bank.

You must put an end to them!
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Kay 12 - Key Visual.jpg

Additional Improvements

New Guild Rankings allow you to sort your guild members by fame gain, Silver collected and other data. Tracking your members’ activity has gotten much easier!
Some Tier 4 Undead dungeons have been replaced with a new design which incorporates many of our ideas for better dungeon layouts. We're looking for your feedback to see how these ideas work.
Apart from that, there’s numerous bugfixes and improvements, especially in regards to Android and iOS stability and performance.
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