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Premium Status

The World of Albion offers your character to be upgraded to Premium.

Premium Status is available in different durations, from just 1 day up to an entire year, and allows you to benefit of the following perks:

  • Increase your skill progression speed with a 50% fame bonus
  • Master the Destiny Board faster with regenerating Learning Points
  • Collect 50% more Silver and loot from killing mobs
  • Improve your crafting with regenerating crafting focus
  • Become a master gatherer with a 50% bonus on your gathering yield
  • Enjoy a 100% increase on your farming yield and animal growth times on your player island
  • Boost  your trading profits by having market taxes reduced by 50%

Sign-Up Bonus

Once you have purchased your first 30 days of premium, you will receive:

  • the option to buy and upgrade your very own player island
  • a one-time Learning Point bonus for a progression boost on your Destiny Board
  • a one-time crafting focus bonus for some heavy crafting sessions

SPECIAL NOTE FOR FOUNDERS: If you have bought a Legendary, Epic or Veteran Founder's Pack, you automatically qualify for the Sign-Up Bonus and receive its cool rewards.



Premium Status FAQ

  • What is the business model of Albion Online?
    Albion Online's premium status is designed to act as a “soft subscription”. You can play Albion Online without having to buy premium status. If you like the game and want to get into it, chances are that you will want to be premium as the benefits are quite relevant. Our core difference compared to most other games: you can actually acquire the premium status with the in-game currency Silver, and also, you can obtain the premium currency, Gold, by trading with other players without having to spend real money.
    Apart from the premium status, Albion Online does not sell any in-game advantages to players in exchange for payment.
  • Does the Premium Status apply to my entire account or just to one character?
    The Premium Status is awarded on a per-character basis.

    Special note for Founders: Your bonus Premium Status period, included in your Founder Pack, will automatically be activated for the first character you log into the game with.
  • Will I get the Sign-Up Bonus if my total number of Premium Days exceeds 30, even if I did not purchase the 30 days in one go?
    Yes. For example, if you purchase 7 days of premium 5 times in a row, on the 5th purchase, which would bring your total cumulative premium time to 35 days, you would get the sign-up bonus.
  • What happens to the Gold I have bought during the Closed Beta when the Albion Online servers are wiped once more during or at the end of Closed Beta?
    If you have bought Gold during the Closed Beta, the amount you purchased will automatically be credited to your account again after a server wipe took place during or at the end of Closed Beta. That way, you will not lose any Gold bought during the initial period.

    Special note for Founders: All items and benefits included in the Founder Pack you have bought will also be credited to your account again after a server wipe during or at the end of Closed Beta, including the Premium Status period and the Gold bundle.