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Content Update Aurelius is Live!

Our first content update, named Aurelius, just hit our servers. It brings you Quality of Life improvements, new dungeons, new spells, and more.

December 9, 2015 at 10:35 AM by Christoph

We have a whole bunch of improvements and changes ready for you to make Albion Online an even more enjoyable experience for all our players.

Quality of Life

With our update, a whole bunch of Usability and User Interface improvements hit the server. They include:

  • Forced Combat Mode; no more accidental gathering or looting while in combat
  • Right Click Movement - make your character go where you want him to without any distractions
  • Spell Ready Highlight - don’t miss when your spells are ready again anymore
  • Chat Channels - More chat channels for your convenience. Guild recruiting, major languages and more.
  • Automatic Retry of Cluster Exit - no running in and out of the exit area anymore. Just wait till the cooldown period has passed.


Dungeons! There will be plenty of them spread throughout Albion, populated by the Keepers, with someone of them now having multiple entrances from different clusters:

  • Explore three dungeon themes: Temple, Residence, Mushroom Cave.
  • Encounter three new mobs: Knifelings, Marksmen & Rainmaker
  • Also three new bosses wait for bold adventurers: Seer Gallifax, Chieftain & Old Grandpa.
  • New gateway system: certain gateway mobs spawn, when killed, a portal to a deeper, more dangerous dungeon.

Read more about the new dungeon types.

And to help you with those new mobs, there’s ten new spells and abilities - a charging blade for swordfighters, an all-new AoE (Area of Effect) attack for the Crossbow and so much more.

Safe Zone Hellgates offer an introduction to PvP. Five players can enter a hell dungeon where they must face mighty demons - and possibly other players that are also after the precious loot. Hellgates in safe zones utilize yellow zone PvP rules - knockdown only and no full loot, making them a perfect starting point for newer citizens of Albion to begin their PvP adventures.

And last but not least, there’s Christmas specials! With the holiday season just around the corner, Albion turns more festive. The cold-blooded Uncle Frost will roam Albion’s dungeons and drop Christmas hats for those strong enough to best him. You can start snowball fights in festively illuminated cities, or add to the light show by shooting fireworks.

Read the Changelog here.

The Future

Of course there is more to come afterwards:

  • Improvements of the PC user interface
  • Repair all function
  • Improvement of guild management tools
  • Reworking the armors in the destiny board, such that the progression for crafting and the progression for using gear are aligned to each other – for example, you do not have to unlock light cloth armor if you really want to wear light plate
  • Friend list,

Check out our development roadmap for more information on what we are planning to work on: Read more

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